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One Building. 8 Separate Addresses

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One Building. 8 Separate Addresses

Maybe someone here has seen this type of construction/architecture before and could possibly explain this to me:

I am working on a new apartment building that has a very interesting layout. The layout of the building itself is relatively normal, but it's divided into 8 different sections. The building itself takes up an entire city block and each of the 8 sections has a different street address.

So for instance the main part of the building that houses the leasing office and the fitness center that is located at 4500 Main Street is considered to be "Building 10" and then each section of the building is labeled sequentially in a counter-clockwise order in which buildings 20, 30, 40, 50, etc. have a completely different street address depending on which side of the block they are on. Building 30 is located at 616 Elm Street, building 50 is located at 3109 Juniper Road, building 70 is at 403 9th Ave., etc.

But when you walk into the building from the main entrance, all of the the apartment numbers are in sequential order. Apartment 1119 is next to apartment 1120 but technically they are on completely different streets even if the back windows to their units have the same view.

The building was constructed in phases and tenants started to occupy the apartments each "building" was complete. As I began to understand this layout, I see that the GC installed fire doors as a barrier from one building to the next. This is even confusing for the delivery guys because the pubic entrance to the building is on Main Street yet, if the tenant lives on Juniper, the delivery driver will go around the block a few times trying to figure out how to get in.. which makes it somewhat inconvenient for the tenant who has to explain this to everyone who comes by.

So my question- What is the thinking or strategy of laying out a building in this manner?

There were other buildings on this site previously before they tore them all down and built this behemoth of an apartment building in its place as part of a city revitalization plan. Would that have anything to do with it?
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Re: One Building. 8 Separate Addresses

I'm guessing the builder bought all the old buildings, and instead of combining all the lots after purchasing them, they kept the lot lines which already had addresses per the city. They may have done it this way because they were doing it in stages, and wanted a certificate of occupancy to come in stages, as well. Could have been a grand plan with several investors, and each gets a section? Builder could have been going for some kind of loophole with regards to how many units per address? Hard to say, really.


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