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Looking For Feedback On Changing Careers

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Re: Looking For Feedback On Changing Careers

Originally Posted by WBailey1041 View Post
The OP has 13 years with his company, great healthcare, great retirement an understanding wife and the forum is encouraging him to throw that away to be the new guy on a framing crew???
I didn't encourage him to go into construction, I encourage everyone to find a career they're happy with. I may agree it would be a foolish move but I'm not the one seeking happiness in a career.

As I said you can't regret if you move on but don't regret that you didn't.

I have a client that's young and a doctor, he's a musician in a band. He wanted to build a sound proof room and do music full time. He asked me "Do you think I should or do you think I'm crazy?" I replied "Who am I to tell you what you should do with your life, there's only one person that can answer that."
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Re: Looking For Feedback On Changing Careers

I saw an short intervuew, and the guy took a job snd told them as soon as the band took off, he was leaving. He's been there 30-40 years, he's still trying to get the band to take off.
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Re: Looking For Feedback On Changing Careers

Does your wife work? Will she?

Do you have debt? Do you have a high standard of living?

I walked away from teaching because it was too stressful. There was less stress becoming a GC with little experience, few contacts, and zero work on the horizon.

I could only do it because of a supportive wife with a good job and benefits.

I would have had to think long and hard about leaving a secure job if I was the sole breadwinner.

Itís worked out well for me. I made the jump at 45 years old.

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Re: Looking For Feedback On Changing Careers

You in rapid, or spearfish? With all the oil money coming in from the north dakota oil fields, would think spearfish would be far more lucrative on higher end homes.

I'm hearing properties in the bell, spearfish, lead, deadwood area doesn't last long, especially the nicer property.

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Re: Looking For Feedback On Changing Careers

Originally Posted by dayexco View Post
You in rapid, or spearfish? With all the oil money coming in from the north dakota oil fields, would think spearfish would be far more lucrative on higher end homes.

I'm hearing properties in the bell, spearfish, lead, deadwood area doesn't last long, especially the nicer property.

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There still ainít the work here like there is in other parts of the country, we just donít have the population. Construction wages are terrible in that neck of the woods to and have been for years.
I can't compete with hacks.
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dayexco (12-30-2018)
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Re: Looking For Feedback On Changing Careers

No Name, I hear you.

Lived in SD for 10 years. Played the corporate game. Also ditched the corporate for self-employment in construction.

My advice, do it. Naysayers be damned.

Get in touch if you want. Contact info in my profile.
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Re: Looking For Feedback On Changing Careers

Just two ideas to throw into the mix. First off,In very early '70,s I was fortunate enough to buy a copy of Andrew Carnegie's autobiography. The main words of wisdom I garnered from that read was that prior to "striking out" in business one should have one years salary in cold hard cash and no debt of any consequence. He says that frees the mind to be able to act free of duress. Kinda like the opposite of a gambler betting with scared money.

Second idea,in the very late '80,s I had the pleasure to participate in a rather large way to help a fellow my age build a weekend/ summer home for himself and family. It was a pleasure to experience the organizational skill set Howard had. He never touched a hammer or brush,however,he ran the job (rather long distance) better than the best of GC I crossed paths with. He got the home he wanted,on time,on budget. Sooooo,what about honing your corporate skills,spend time establishing contacts with subs,find or have a great plan drawn,build a spec house and go from there. The upshot,you can do all this and still keep your corporate job......Howard did it !
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Re: Looking For Feedback On Changing Careers

I thought about this yesterday. As I had a similar situation, I think you need to look another aspect, before you jump ship.

I also had a job, making over $100,000 a year. 6 days a week, 10 months out of the year. I hated it. Toward the end, if I were early for work, I would drive around killing time because I didn't want to be there.
I quit. Made less and still make less. But I'm happier.

Here's what I think you need to consider. Why are you so unhappy. I think you need to figure that out first. Go to a therapist, if you need to. I believe it's important because, what if the issue that makes you unhappy, has nothing to do with your job. What if there is another issue, in your life, that is making you unhappy?

I think it's important to tackle these issues first.

As far as construction. Nothing wrong with wanting to be a GC. Alot of people with less experience than you, do it. Alot of people are still aspiring to do that. Myself included.
(In my area a GC is someone who runs the jobs, but doesn't actually do any of the work. The GC might have one or two guys that do the small fill in stuff, but the GC doesn't get his hands dirty.)

One thing that you won't realize, until you are in it, doing construction for a living is different than doing it as a hobby. You have flipped a couple houses and that is completely different. You were working at your own pace, and you probably didn't even keep track of your time or expenses. There is so much time and cost involved that most people don't think about or realize. When you sold that flip house, you got a big check. That's always a good feeling and you forget how much time you actually had in it. Most house flippers I know, would make more at McDonalds, but they enjoy doing the work. They enjoy it because it's a hobby.
When you have to get X amount of work done in a specified time frame, it's no longer a hobby. It's just another job. A physically hard job.

Good luck. If you have a job making over $100,000 now. You quit and it doesn't work out, you will be able to find another good job. Losers don't get high paying jobs. For the most part.


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