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Leads For Commercial Jobs?

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Leads For Commercial Jobs?

any of you guys use services like www.construcconnect.com or www.buildingconnected.com for commercial work bidding?
going to cost over $3k a year for their lead service. just seeing if there is any feedback here.
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Re: Leads For Commercial Jobs?

I have never had any luck bidding work, commercial or residential. Seems like a race to the bottom to me.

If I can't sell my value, I deserve to go bankrupt.


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Fishindude (04-16-2019)
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Re: Leads For Commercial Jobs?

Well said. And just so you know. You can send me 3000 bucks a year and I'll kick you in the balls all the same. Lead services suck... Well in my experience they do. Buy maybe it will be different for you.
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Re: Leads For Commercial Jobs?

if you really want to try them , i`d tell the sales guy ( or girl) to give you listing that are out now close to your area , .
then call some of the contractors on that list now , and ask how its working out .
( best to call ones out of your area , since if their your your competitor , their not gonna give you a true answer , cuz they don`t want you bidding against them.
don`t tell them your going to do that , or they`ll give you some select contractor who will say what they want you to hear.
that's what i did 10-12 years ago when one of those handyman connection sales ding dongs called.
most of the contractors basically said its a supplement.
it gives you SOME work , but you can`solely rely on them.
i`m on Angieslist since 2006 , ( members put you on there themselves)
i get a good amount of calls , but not enough to sustain alone
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SixStarFC (04-23-2019)
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Re: Leads For Commercial Jobs?

The popular one around here used to be the Dodge Reports. Lead services are a waste of money, because a bunch of dumb competitors will all be getting the same leads at the same time as you. Get out and do some networking, make sales calls, etc.
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Re: Leads For Commercial Jobs?

You can look into gov't jobs here:
Trump-The "Con Man's" Con Man.
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Re: Leads For Commercial Jobs?

Originally Posted by Fishindude View Post
The popular one around here used to be the Dodge Reports. Lead services are a waste of money, because a bunch of dumb competitors will all be getting the same leads at the same time as you. Get out and do some networking, make sales calls, etc.
I used Dodge reports in the late 80s and early 90s. Usually for projects I was already bidding, but allowed me to know what all GC's were bidding the project so that I could get my electrical bid out to everyone

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Re: Leads For Commercial Jobs?

Try your local Builder's Exchange. The ones we have used had a trial period of two weeks which will easily show you whether or not it will be worth it to you. I just looked and Dodge has a free trial also.

I know contractors that successfully use Dodge, CC, and the others with much success. If you happen to win one project you would otherwise have not it can pay for the whole year.

In contrast to the above, you can contact various GCs and CMs and ask to be put on their bid list. Once you get on a number of their lists you will be inundated with bid requests.

Good luck.
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Re: Leads For Commercial Jobs?

thanks for the replies guys!
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Re: Leads For Commercial Jobs?

In my area.. ( Southern California) it seems to be all about relationships. I will say that my local Blue Book rep has helped us with that immensely. Not sure if they all work as hard, but we have had good luck in our area, with our trade. You do have to work the leads , work does not rain out of the sky, unfortunately. We have events, meet ups, and networking opportunities near monthly.

These services are pricey though. We made sure it was in the budget, and then I have my operations gal work the contact system daily. And I never blind email. I call, and usually go to their offices to view the plans.



Hard work, respect, honesty and completion makes everything easy, because then you only have to do the job once
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