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How Many Painters?

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How Many Painters?

Good morning

we have recently opened a small business doing some interior/exterior painting and it has gone well (only been 3 weeks) we have gotten a contract with an apartment complex and doing well. however we were offered a project in South Florida to do a building that has not yet been started on! it will be a 15,000 sq ft facility and they would need interior and exterior painting! i am a bit overwhelmed and would not know where to begin, again we are just now 5 weeks into this business!
How much manpower would be needed to get this type of project done when the time comes is my concern!
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Re: How Many Painters?

350 men (or women) including you.


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Re: How Many Painters?

The equipment, materials, man power & time frame are likely out of your comfort zone & level of experience.

Painting is very cutthroat in the commercial world.

You will likely have to carry the job for 45-90 days.

Manpower will depend on how much of what they want done when & how fast.
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Re: How Many Painters?

Do not forget the cost of a couple of pup tents, Some 40ft ladders ?, Rental on gas powerd sprayers.
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Re: How Many Painters?

It would only take one painter to get it done.
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Re: How Many Painters?

Originally Posted by heavy_d View Post
350 men (or women) including you.
I think you mean 350 men or 700 women. Just sayin'.

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Re: How Many Painters?

i typed out half a page and then reread you post, you admit such a project would be overwhelming right now, so I will start over.

When I started out I measured out each day and made notes of how much I could paint in an hour or day. How long it took to cut and roll a room etc. exterior work I measured and timed various methods and coatings etc. in fact I continue to do so from time to time.
Learn your productivity. If when you have employees it is critical you learn their productivity rates. Good luck getting it to match yours.
Once you know this info then bidding and estimating becomes easier, but it takes time.

Get some bid packets and read then and learn what is required.

My advice - without knowing you or your style of painting, we all started in a similar position to you. learn to sell and provide quality and don't be willing to lower your standards. Do not be the cheapest as it is a race to the bottom and once you have that reputation it will be hard to shake.
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Re: How Many Painters?

By offered, do you mean your bid was accepted? Or you were invited to bid?
Manpower necessary will depend on the project schedule + delays. Painter always gets crunched for time so be ready to hammer out a lot of work quick after finishing and before floor. Floor will not wait for you either. Get caught behind them and you can say goodbye to profits.

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Re: How Many Painters?

My personal opinion, your not ready.

Contracting is truly poker in its most literal application. You bet someone else you can do their project for a given amount of money in a given amount of time. Every job is a bet. Good players know when to fold.
"A smart man learns from his mistakes; a wise man learns from the mistakes of others."
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Re: How Many Painters?

Just the carrying cost of all those paintbrushes would be intimidating.
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Re: How Many Painters?

That's a 2-4 painter job for us.

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