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Hangin Up The Belt

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Hangin Up The Belt

As some of you may remember I posted a while ago about moving.
Decided to look at a regular job.

Better pay, benefits out the wahzoo, overtime, no customer hassles, Show up do my job and leave.
So I took it.

I may still do a little carpentry.
Actually looking to buy a house that the yard needs work, and the basement is unfinished. 1975 bungalow in good shape on main floor and structurally, just needs updated and such.
Fix it up and sell in a couple a years.

I want to thank everyone for there help and comradeship.
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Re: Hangin Up The Belt

Well just because you took a 9-5 job dosen't mean you can't still lurk & post from time to time.

Homes never really leave you, though you'd like to leave a few homes.


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Re: Hangin Up The Belt

I had to make the same choice not too long ago. I even gave up the carpentry.

For about a month. I realized I couldnt guve it up. At least not cold turkey.

If you love this business go to work for a larger comapny like I did and still do what you love. I had to put up with crap for a year but as you know in this business there are a lot of people that SAY they can do it but cant quite cut it. My boss was getting references on me from sub he had that I woirked for 20 years ago.

Thats Ok because I had nothing to hide. Now I do the high profile jobs for the company. And I'm loving not to have to compete with johnny lowball anymore.

I do miss being self employed and the tax's are a little different but its ok. I had my business twenty years. I just got burned out. I know where your coming from.
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Re: Hangin Up The Belt

I tried to get away from construction a couple of times. I always come back. Sawdust just gets in the blood I guess. I know how you feel about being burned out on it, we've all been there.

It'll be hard going to work for somebody else after being your own boss but the benefits of not being the one everybody comes to with the problems and the lack of the headaches are definitely something to look forward to. Good luck at your new job, but I'd wager within a few years...

You'll be back.
No, you cant hold my hammer. Where is yours?
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The Duke
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Re: Hangin Up The Belt

Originally Posted by Cjeff View Post
Fix it up and sell in a couple a years.
Sooo....a house flipper?

Just joking of course. That is awesome. I think all of us at one time or another have thought "what the hell am I still doing this for?"

Any time it gets better than your present situation, it is all good. Congratulations.
If you correct your mind, the rest of your life will fall into place ~Lao Tzu


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Re: Hangin Up The Belt

Good luck to your new job. What is your new job.

I think you will be back to construction oo.

The boss of awesome
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Re: Hangin Up The Belt

Maybe I can be the hack lowballer doing it on the side!!!

Going to work in a pulp mill.

My only concern is it's a 4 on 4 off 12 hour shift, works out to 44 hours a week. What do I do with all my free time?
I will probably take some overtime, as it would be 1.5 times regular pay so even better than working on the side.
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Re: Hangin Up The Belt

Best of luck Cjeff

Now grade the lumber better so we can have some decent S#!t to work with.....
Back in Maine
Dubbin' Around
Doin' good stuff ......
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Capra aegagrus
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Re: Hangin Up The Belt

Originally Posted by Cjeff View Post
Going to work in a pulp mill.
Oh man, that stinks. Literally.

There's one not far from here that you can smell 20 miles away when the wind's right. Enjoy.


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