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Good Homeowners Stories?

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Re: Good Homeowners Stories?

On a side note, but related, it is ALWAYS a good investment to leave thirty bucks for your subcontractors to buy lunch with. A little nod to them goes a LONG long way to inspiring the guys to make a little extra effort and get the job done right
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Fire up the BBQ
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Re: Good Homeowners Stories?

Originally Posted by onmywayup View Post
On a side note, but related, it is ALWAYS a good investment to leave thirty bucks for your subcontractors to buy lunch with. A little nod to them goes a LONG long way to inspiring the guys to make a little extra effort and get the job done right
absolutely spot on...

i'd bring the bbq, sometimes the smoker and do lunch for subs and crew.

some jobs turned into a every friday thing.

it was awesome for morale on the job.
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Re: Good Homeowners Stories?

Originally Posted by TxElectrician View Post
Have a customer that is very friendly, always a hug before you leave. They live in an affluent neighborhood but I always wondered if they lived beyond their means.

Super nice folks. Opened their house like family.

A few months ago while at the hospital I noticed they had donated the wing I was in.

Not always what someone does for me, but what they do for the community.

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I have a customer who donates $100k a year to an organization that employs many many adults who are handicapped or with special needs in the area. The only stipulation is it must be used for furthering the program and not a building. They fill boxes with different marketing companies products for Welcome's Wagon, Verizon, Weight Watchers etc.
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Re: Good Homeowners Stories?

I got a rave review from a customer that he posted on Nextdoor, a neighborhood posting website. I've gotten several jobs from it.
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Re: Good Homeowners Stories?

Originally Posted by Kent Whitten View Post
OK, I know I have everyone beat on this one (well, except maybe the harley). And you probably will not believe it because it is such a whopper. I tell it over and over.

that kinda mad me cry too dude. But don't tell no body.
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Re: Good Homeowners Stories?

More a reflection of a client's trust in me (he was a great customer nonetheless), but one fellow for whom I did a large addition project gave me direct access to a $150K bank account from which he let me take draws whenever I felt the need. He was living out of country at the time and just felt it would be less of a hassle to handle things this way. And no, he was not a friend or family member; just an acquaintance who'd been given glowing reviews by some of my other clients. That was good enough for him!


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