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GIVEAWAY: Festool Helping Light The Way For Santa!

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Old 12-09-2016, 10:21 PM  
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Re: GIVEAWAY: Festool Helping Light The Way For Santa!

I've had to use my truck headlights a few times this year when the day ran long. I used a combination of my truck and my wife's truck lights to finish blowing off all the leaves in our yard a few weeks back.
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Re: GIVEAWAY: Festool Helping Light The Way For Santa!

Originally Posted by Cricket View Post
As a contractor, how do you deal with shorter days and lack of daylight on the jobsite during the winter months?
Lighting to me is very important. I have two of the Husky LED plug in lights, a couple of the Milwaukee M12 LED lights, a super bright headlight mounted on my Petzl Ecrin Rock helmet, and a smaller IPX8 rated Petzl headlight. Even during the day I always carry a small Maglite LED in my tool bags/vest. Of course I have been drooling over the Syslites since they were first released. Cordless lighting is the way to go, and Festool is at the top of the game.
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Re: GIVEAWAY: Festool Helping Light The Way For Santa!

We use this
For main lighting and several of the Husky LED lights.
We also have several of the halogen light that are usful to help set glue, thinset faster. The side benefit of work lights.
The LEDs are not hot light the halogens so we do not get that benefit. The part we like is the LEDS are much brighter.
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Re: GIVEAWAY: Festool Helping Light The Way For Santa!

Mostly interior work this time of year due to weather and temps.
I use a mixture of battery powered LEDs, strings of temp lights and whatever else is available at the location. I love a well lit, clean job site.
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Re: GIVEAWAY: Festool Helping Light The Way For Santa!

We cut back on hours. Honestly the season doesn't change much for us. But there will always be dim places on certain jobsites. Usually that middle bathroom with no window. I have a Wobble Light that I used to use but haven't lately because it needs a new bulb. So I have picked up a couple of the small florescent lights that do ok. Nothing I have used has done that well. My biggest complaint is shadows.
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Re: GIVEAWAY: Festool Helping Light The Way For Santa!

i keep one eye closed to keep my night vision..
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Re: GIVEAWAY: Festool Helping Light The Way For Santa!

Sleep later in the morning.
Leave earlier to get home and start drinking beer earlier.
Work always seems to get in the way of that anyway.
Or perhaps work is the means to the end.
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Re: GIVEAWAY: Festool Helping Light The Way For Santa!

I'm no different, not so much earlier days, I just quit earlier.
When I pressing to get to a point I break out all of my options . Portable hand held florescent, halogen,headcam and even cell phone flashlight.

I have been wanting to update to the newer LED lights and the Festoon would be a welcome addition.
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Re: GIVEAWAY: Festool Helping Light The Way For Santa!

Tube lights on extension cord, placed in corners and over the chop saw and what not. I also got everyone a company hat with a light in the bim for Christmas gifts last year.
Because most my guys have kids that they see off to school and three that go to class in the morning we don't start till nine usually so lights are very important to us as we work late some nights.
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Re: GIVEAWAY: Festool Helping Light The Way For Santa!

I would really love these lights, lol.

We usually are at quiting time when it gets dark, usually. Have used vehicle headlights before too. But mostly we setup a few LED tripod lights when needed. We use lights more when working inside actually, when framing in a now time to insulate, hang drywall and finish drywall. Lots of tripod lights spread around and a ton of extension cords with the problems those bring. Like trip hazards and moving them constantly for drywall jack and items that can't roll over cords.

So someone someday will hopefully come up with a good solution to that. Batteries just don't last the wholeday yet that I have found to make cordless a real viable option yet.
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Re: GIVEAWAY: Festool Helping Light The Way For Santa!

As a carpenter that pften works outside we normally struggle on when it gets dark with a miss mash of different lights,from under powered l.e.d.s to old halogens untill we finally get frustrated with the lack of quality light and to many shadows and we finally give up frustrated and fed up and come back the next day.
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Re: GIVEAWAY: Festool Helping Light The Way For Santa!

I have a nice pile of lights that don't get the job done in the garage. I've worked my way up from the old drop light to a few battery powered LED types at this point.
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Re: GIVEAWAY: Festool Helping Light The Way For Santa!

Try to start when the sun comes up and turn the work lights on when the lights start to dim.

We started buying LED work lights as the don't generate really any heat in small areas.
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Re: GIVEAWAY: Festool Helping Light The Way For Santa!

I don't do new construction so I usually have some light to work in. I do use halogen work lights for checking walls and joints. I also use them to keep me warm when it is cold.

I've been seeing the price of LED work lights going down and will probably pop on a few, but I buy the cheap ones, as they get beat up and abused most of the time.
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Re: GIVEAWAY: Festool Helping Light The Way For Santa!

Hand-held or headlight for close work, led floods (some built, some bought) for everything else.

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Re: GIVEAWAY: Festool Helping Light The Way For Santa!

The trucks (utility bodies) and enclosed trailers have LED rope lights installed in the compartments. Crews can start @ 7AM and get their tools and equipment out/set up for the day. By 7:30 its light enough out to see what is going on.

Light is good till 5:15 at the shortest days of the year here. It would be nice to say we are always done by then but that isn't always the case.

Every crew is setup with at least one halogen light tripod that has a hard case so its not all busted up when they try to use it. A lot of work is outdoors so one is typically not enough to encompass the entire work area. They also use truck headlights, heavy equipment head lights, and flashlights as needed.

We don't have a really solid solution for covering a lot of ground so it limits our window of working time. That's fine for keeping OT to a minimum but sometimes the clients are willing to pay that OT to get a job done in a certain timeframe so there is no excuse to not be putting the hours in!
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Re: GIVEAWAY: Festool Helping Light The Way For Santa!

I use headlamps as much as possible. I've also done plenty of work in the headlights!!!
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Re: GIVEAWAY: Festool Helping Light The Way For Santa!

I have so many different types of lighting and they all seem to be a pain in the butt but I more then often go for my cheap clamp lights they are pretty reliable although there are always a lot of cords around and the back lighting can be a pain some times but they don't get to hot and if I bump into them and knock them over which I almost always do they are cheap to replace plus I can move them pretty easily when I attach them to my zip walls
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Re: GIVEAWAY: Festool Helping Light The Way For Santa!

When I was contracting I set up just a bunch of corded lights, high intensity, Halogen etc.

Looked like a spiderweb some nights. Now that I do cad and design I can actually get away with just a 150 lumen, head strap light.

Works really quite well.

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Re: GIVEAWAY: Festool Helping Light The Way For Santa!

Originally Posted by Cricket View Post
Attachment 352690

We are so excited to announce that we have partnered with Festool to giveaway a SysLite DUO Plus Work Light 769967 to TWO members!

To enter, simply reply to this thread with your response to the following question.

As a contractor, how do you deal with shorter days and lack of daylight on the jobsite during the winter months?

On December 22, 2016 we will do a random drawing to select TWO winners.

Added Note: Responses to this thread should be limited to entering the giveaway by responding to the posted question.

SysLite DUO-Plus Work Light 769967
Jobsite lighting is more than just putting light in a room. It is about truly seeing the surface you are working on in the correct color without hot spots in the center. The SYSLITE DUO is a hard-wired AC lighting solution with 8000 Lumens projecting an evenly diffused light over 180 with a color temperature of 5000 Kelvin. Being designed for the jobite the SYSLITE DUO is impact and water resistant meeting IP 55 standards for dust and water intrusion.

Attachment 352698

IP 55 rating against dust and water intrusion coupled with a robust and tough exterior shell and more than ample interior sealing and heat shielding helping to ensure a jobsite-ready and tough light for years to come. All backed by the Festool-exclusive Service All-Inclusive warranty.

Attachment 352706

Even and wide diffusion (180 degrees) with a color temperature of 5,000 Kelvin brings the closest thing to natural light to the jobsite. 8,000 Lumens of dark-shattering light is provided by two 40 LED banks (80 LED total) rated for 10,000 hours, over 5 years of work (250 days @ 8 hours per day).

Attachment 352714

Includes the following:
  • SYS TL 3 Systainer

Sponsored by: Festool USA
Attachment 352722
Well first of all that guys drywall in your pic looks like butt hole!

No light Is gonna help that cat out!!

Shorter days don't effect me ! Other than driving in the dark now that I'm older and half blind ..

I like dark days . cloudy/Rainy days are good for me..My 500 watt halogen really shows me what I need to see when the house Is dark.. I have a 1000 LED ..It ain't enough .. I've always thought a 10.000 might equal a 500 watt halogen ..but have yet to test the two side by side ..

On sunny days with Gods light shining in I'll cover the windows with black plastic so my lights can show me just how bad my finishing really looks!!
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