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Gibson Guitar, Nashville--Tenn

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Re: Gibson Guitar, Nashville--Tenn

Originally Posted by john elliott View Post
Strat tremolos don't need to float, just do up the springs so the back of the bridge rests against the body, no more floating, same can be done with Floyd Rose types, as long as the body hasn't been hollowed out behind such as on an Ibanez Jem.

I thnk tune-o-matic bridges would be better if they used decent steel for the bridge pieces, which tend to wear out over time.
Yeah most Floyd's are held up on pegs by the springs and you can shim them tight which is what I always did since the never held in tune for long. The strat bridges are screwed down and you can just add more springs on the back of the tremelo so it rests against the body. I just got the Gibson X-plorer for the very purpose of not have to deal with a floating bridge. I have never liked the looks of the Les Paul's. So the X-plorer is a cool option with a unique body style. It is comfortable to play standing up. I have always loved a fixed bridge for staying in tune and sustain, and most Gibson's have fixed Tune o matic bridges. I have never heard about the cheap steal in the tune-o-matic bridge.
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Re: Gibson Guitar, Nashville--Tenn

Originally Posted by K2 View Post
Gibson and Martin are two examples of sucessful American manufacturing for more thatn 100 years. Martin dabbled in making a few things overseas but have pulled back their focus to Nazareth PA, their home for over a century. I don't know if Gibson is building internationally. I never did catch why they moved from Kalamazoo. I bet those MI folks wish they could have their guitar plant again. I think some gibsons are made in Montana too.
Both those companies imported their own licensed copies (mabe still do, it's a long time since I was professionally involved with guitars). Epiphone by Gibson was/is one brand, and Sigma was/is the Martin licensed copy.

There was another concern using the old Gibson works in Kalamazoo I think they were called Heritage
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Re: Gibson Guitar, Nashville--Tenn

Originally Posted by genecarp View Post
Visited the factory this week, unfortunately they where closed for the holiday. The shop was pretty basic, but what they turn out is anything but basic. GMOD

That's in the Oprey Mall if I'm not mistaken? I've been there many time in the past. Neat little shop!
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Re: Gibson Guitar, Nashville--Tenn

Originally Posted by Jason W View Post
That's in the Oprey Mall if I'm not mistaken? I've been there many time in the past. Neat little shop!
Yes it is J, cool shop, nice mall, GMOD


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