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Felony Background Checks

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Re: Felony Background Checks

A friend of mine, a 40 some year-old woman, was molested as a child. This, by the way, is not at all uncommon. It is estimated that in the U.S. one woman in three was molested somewhere before their twenties. Much higher in some other countries.

She knows what I do, and has often asked me questions. I help where I can.

One thing she wanted to know was “why” men do this. (Interestingly enough, a fair number of women molest children too.) I have never been able to give her a completely satisfying answer because there are so many factors involved. But a while back Kevin Bacon made a film about this very subject. I recommended it to her, and it opened her eyes quite a bit.

Now I’ve read enough on this forum to know that open mindedness is a pretty rare commodity here. That’s cool. Everyone has a right to their opinion, and that’s fine. But for the few of you who wonder about more than what’s for dinner tonight, and like to understand the world and the people in it, may I suggest this same film to you?

It’s called “The Woodsman”. And it is available on Netflix. I think it will at least have you thinking, "Hummmmm".
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Re: Felony Background Checks

Willie T;

Kevin Bacon was a great actor in that one.I understand the demons but I cannot get past the actual physical acts.I can step back from my opinions and realize that they are sick and need help.But reality sets in.
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Re: Felony Background Checks

Well, maybe this story will change some minds.
Some 17 years or so ago I was working for an Oregon drywall company on a Washington job hanging 12' 5/8" rock for the ceilings when my end of the Perry scaffold slipped and blew out my lower back.

The workers comp was denied and a year and a half long battle ensued that in the process left me homeless and living in my van outside a little town bordering Washington/Oregon.

One day this guy I knew asked me for a ride across the river to Washington which I gave him. When we got to where he was going dude got out of my van and came back with a "friend" of his and asked if she could wait for him in my van. She was there for not more than 10 minutes when the guys comes back, they talk and we get on our way.

Weeks later at another place I notice someone outside writing down my license plate number so I walk out and the guy takes off running away and passes another guy that lived at the house I was at. So, I ask this guy if he knew who the runner was and laughing the guy tells me it's "Joe" who is running around saying I am having sex with his 15 year old daughter. WTF?

Of course, at 32 years of age and never being arrested in my life I do what I thought was the best course of action and call the cops to clear this up and they tell me its ok nothing has been said and don't worry about it, etc...

All was good until one night when 4 different law enforcement agencies start stacking up outside my van. Being that I was legally armed at the time and didn't know what was going on and not wanting to get shot at I field stripped the .45 I had with me and hoped for the best. I was arrested and the report said that weapon had a round in the chamber, hammer back and safety off. Well, I'm here to say that I guarantee they didn't find all the pieces/parts of that .45, ever. We'll just call that the 1st indication that LE isn't as ethical as some would think.

So here's the deal.

After being arrested for the 1st time in my life (at 32 years old) I still didn't understand what the heck was going on until the public defender stepped into my cell to have a little talk.

I was being charged with 7 counts of Rape 3 and was looking at decades in prison for something I had no idea was going on. What happened is that girl that waited in my van that day was running away from home to be with he BF and she was having her friends tell her dad that she was with, "that long haired dude with the brown van." which was me.

Now, at 32 yeard old, never been arrested in my life, out of work due to a nasty workers comp battle and basically with no money while looking at decades behind bars I kind of freaked out. I sought out the best criminal defense lawyer I could find, called all my long time buddies and while able to raise some $ I couldn't realistically come up with the 15k this prominent attorney demanded for my defense.

For good or bad, knowing I didn't touch this girl but being horrified by the court papers that declared The State of Oregon against little ole me I did what later proved my best course of action. I beat feet out of there.

Now. I didn't run to just run. I ran in order to raise the $ needed for this prominent attorney and his 15k bill and my now 25k fugitive from justice bail.

In about a year working from New Orleans to Florida to Canada I made the $ and turned myself in at the border of Canada and the US and paid off the attorney and my 25k bail.

It was then I realized what happened.
This girl was running away from home to be with her boyfriend who was a meth head. He was giving her and her friends meth and doing whatever it was they did. I was a convenient excuse as they didn't even know my name much less cared if I got screwed or what. Thing is it snowballed and once the DA got wind he groomed this girl via a $1500 victims payout.

Problem is my attorney threw me under the bus as he was more of a criminal than anyone he defended. How could this be you may ask? Well, don't take my word for it check this cat out:

If you read that article and follow the other articles you'll see that his daughter Shannon was convicted of ripping off clients money. I'm convinced this is what happened to me and I was one of her 1st victims.

As we were heading for trial I noticed that this attorney was not doing what he told me he would do. This shouldn't have even went to trial as it was her word against mine and even though SWAT teams were sent to places her friends said I was at with this girl the only things they found were trees and leaves as, again, these events were manufactured.

Everything listed here happened to me:

I was coerced into making a plea deal I did not understand and again, never being arrested in my life I had no idea what was going on, I had no experience with this criminal justice system, ever.

I was forced into pleading guilty to one count of 3rd degree rape, statutory rape to avoid a prison sentence that would have turned into a life sentence. The deal was 3 years probation or 1.5 years in prison. At, now 33 years of age and being a commercial drywaller for most my life the thought of going to prison and dealing with that lifestyle scared the crap out of me and I took the deal.

Thing is, every probation officer I had eventually realized I did not commit this crime and actually helped me. Towards the end my last probation officer was setting up a case specific polygraph in order to have me exonerated but the DA caught wind of this and threw in the monkey wrench that lead to me being released of the probation 6 months early but without chance of exoneration.

Over the years I've had problems with going back to work due to the two spinal surgeries I've had and the complications that went with this. So I got the big idea of going back to school and I've recently graduated with my associates in computer drafting and design and my bachelors in construction management. With these degrees and almost 30 years of commercial construction experience no one will hire me due to background checks even though I have a list of personal references that reach from here to the moon saying I did not and could not have committed this crime.

Now for almost two decades of trying to deal with this I am at the end of my rope. I don't know what else to do and I've contemplated ending it all but I'm a coward and no matter how much I want to I just can't do it. I found this thread and decided to post this story here instead of making a new thread but I'm kind of begging for someone to give me a chance and hire me for my experience and education. Again, I think I proved my lawyer screwed me and I have personal references that back my story up. All I'm asking for is a chance.
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Re: Felony Background Checks

Originally Posted by griz View Post
Sometimes the only difference between you & them is that they got caught.
I'm going to have to second that motion.


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