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Ever Time-lapse Video A Project?

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Ever Time-lapse Video A Project?

i`ve got a cool project i want to do a video from start to finish.
don`t know how

re-building a 1020`s train.- strippig it down , sandblasting the steel , and re-welding, then building back together , mostly t&g on the outside.

i always take a lot of pics , and videos when i can

but as far as this ,would like some experience from guys who know

can i use a go-pro?
set it up on a tripod on a fixed pad , and just have it on a timer ?

any advice would be appreciated
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Re: Ever Time-lapse Video A Project?

i have a very cool project starting next week
i`m re-building a 1920`s train caboose - remove all the wood( mostly old t&g , sandblast the metal fraqme , re-weld where needed , then re-install pressure treated framing , and new t&g to match the existing

want to make a video of this project

i take lots of pics and videos , but very not experience on something like this

any advice?
go-pro?( what type)
set it up on a tripod on a set pad?
how to do the timing?

any advice would help


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Re: Ever Time-lapse Video A Project?

GoPro won't last long for timelapse as it can't shut off and restart for a picture on it's own so it just runs down the battery. There are mod kits you can buy if you already have a gopro but a full setup with the camera is pricey. If high resolution isn't a big issue, trail cams can be a really good option and the price is pretty low.

We have recently bought a couple of the higher end Brinno cams($600ish with the waterproof housing and extra battery pack) and they seem to be doing a decent job at a pretty good resolution. They make a less expensive option that is still pretty good too.
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Re: Ever Time-lapse Video A Project?

The GoPro on a high spot works good. It will run for 4 hours on the battery and a big chip and you can charge it during lunch or just use another GoPro. It can be set to take pic every 5,10,15 or 20 seconds. the newer ones I bet more. All these pics is what makes the time lasp video.
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Re: Ever Time-lapse Video A Project?

I know zero here but how about one of those game cams.
The go pro l have looked at appear to be costly.
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Re: Ever Time-lapse Video A Project?

I think there’s one called a plot watcher that does time lapse from one perspective. One or two pictures per day.

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Re: Ever Time-lapse Video A Project?

yes, have done this several times. There are pretty economical cameras available for just this application. You set the clock on the camera and simply set it to take pictures however often you would like. Mount them high on a nearby structure, phone pole or something like that.

The end results are pretty impressive, and can be a great sales tool for showing potential clients how much work you got done in a short amount of time.
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Re: Ever Time-lapse Video A Project?

thank you ! thank you ! thank you !

i`ll check these comments out


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