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Condo Firewall BOCA Compliant?

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Condo Firewall BOCA Compliant?

I just watched this film "The Corruptionists" at SPAM!!!! The film shows how to get remedial work done which involves the life safety of over 100 families by simply knowing the right people and make a cool million for the effort. How do I get a piece of this action?

It took a couple of hours to watch but if I tried half the stuff that was done in the film I'd be locked up. Maybe I missed something that applies to this situation in the building codes?

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Re: Condo Firewall BOCA Compliant?

Maybe I missed something but when you point people to your own website and act like you just found it I call that SPAM


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Re: Condo Firewall BOCA Compliant?

Originally Posted by Nathan
Maybe I missed something but when you point people to your own website and act like you just found it I call that SPAM
The fact is Nathan, this was the first time I watched the film. There was no reference implied or otherwise that stated the site was "just found".

The registration to this site requests an E-mail. No one is that naive to believe that Admin. does not cross reference poster and E-mail. The registration was not done under a phantom E-mail or other such diversion.

The post made a point and asked questions.

As per proper web etiquette, the post is not SPAM. If you determine it to be SPAM on your board, then it is SPAM, which is apologized for.

As Admin., this is your jurisdiction and therefore you have the ability to edit what the members of this forum will be allowed to view and what they will not be allowed to view.

Again, please accept a sincere apology.
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