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Commercial Qoutes

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Commercial Qoutes

Hello my name is Chris, I have been doing any form of construction for most of my years and have done some sub work in the recent years; but I would like to start doing is putting in my own bids on projects, when calculating cost for;
- type X gypsum board installation
- fire tape and proofing installation
- tape and 2 coats of mud with finishing sand installation,
what is a fair price to calculate each section of installation with and without materials per square foot?

This is the first big quote I"m estimating myself and would like to put in a bid, I would prefer to not miss a beat.

Thanks in advance, Chris
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Re: Commercial Qoutes

pricing threads are frowned upon here due to so many variables.

the formula is:

Labor + Materials + Overhead + Profit + PITA = Cost

commercial work is usually pretty cut throat unless it is an invitation only bid...

only you know your costs & production rates.

you will also likely have to wait 30-90 days to get paid...

retention will also be with held...

be careful...


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Re: Commercial Qoutes

Bid to make a profit.

If you lose on a bid that was profitable to someone who lost money then you won!

Your first bid should be high so you can see what everyone else is bidding. It's a professional courtesy you should expect. If they won't show you the winning bid just refuse to work for them.

For comparison sake - I charge 2.00 a square foot for residential screen and recoat. Local gym screen and recoat goes for about $0.38 a foot with the finish costing about .25 per foot. I don't screen and recoat many gyms, none in fact. Who the f wants to own a failed recoat on a 10000 square foot gym for $1000.00?
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Re: Commercial Qoutes

Read ALL the docs in the bid package that aren't exclusive to other trades. If you are bidding as the GC it's a bit easier but if you're bidding to a CM then get ready for another 10%+ in BS labor costs and other costs. I like the new(ish) thing where a lot of big boys now charge you a fraction of a percent to get paid for their "software fee".
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Re: Commercial Qoutes

Depends on the market, I was just talking to a hanger.... right here right now itís.35-.40 a foot labor to hang residential. He said he was hanging for a fraction of that back in 08, and makes considerably more in Gov projects.

Youíre over complicating the bidding process.

1. Look at the print or go to the job to get a sheet count. Price the materials, drywall, screws, glue, mud, tape, corner bead. You can have the supplier give you a stocked price so all you have to do is hang.

2. Estimate your labor based on past performance and the expected difficulty of this potential job.

3. Estimate overhead, truck needs gas, insurance costs x per month and this job is two weeks long, I need a new drywall lift, my payroll fees, work comp cost x, cell phone bill, etc.

4. Add a percentage so your business makes a profit.

After you knock out enough jobs you will develop sq ft pricing. I keep notes and always update them on an excel spreadsheet, this way I donít forget parts of a project.

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Re: Commercial Qoutes

1st National CJF. That's the name of your company when you do commercial work. You loan your time, experience, and materials to your customers interest-free in the hope they may pay you some day.
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Re: Commercial Qoutes

A good book if the stores ever open is National Estimator. It's especially useful for bidding stuff a company might not usually do like pouring a slab or most anything not having experience with. Labor included. Adjustments for composite crews.
Comes with a CD to do printouts.


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