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Cigar Smoke Containment And Ventilation For Poker Room

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Cigar Smoke Containment And Ventilation For Poker Room

I have a client that wants to finish part of his currently unfinished basement into an office/man cave/poker game room where he can have his buddies over to watch the game and smoke cigars. The room will be a simple 12x16 - frame, drywall, paint, and trim job. The concern I'm coming with today is the cigar smoke - obviously it will need to be exhausted and don't want the smell/tars/etc contaminating the other living areas of the home.

My initial thoughts are some sort of air barrier (poly sheet? tyvek?), before the drywall goes up to confine the smoke to this room, as well as a high flow exhaust and intake fan to pull the smoke out and replenish with fresh air. Several coats of quality sealing type paint on the drywall to make cleaning easier (wainscoting is not in budget) and perhaps an exterior door to seal the room off (but maybe this is overkill - if the dual fan vents create enough negative pressure)

Any of you guys ever work on something like this?
I'd love to hear thoughts on the air barrier idea, and how you'd ventilate it. I'm concerned that standard bath fans or ERVs aren't going to remove and replenish the air in the room fast enough if 4 or 5 guys are puffing away at the poker table, but I also don't want to suck all the heat out of the place when he wants to flush the smoke (~1600 cu ft).

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Re: Cigar Smoke Containment And Ventilation For Poker Room

My brother and I built this two years ago ( and we rent it out now for private parties and wedding type events, etc. It's not exactly what you're trying to do, obviously, but I thought I might have a couple of relevant things to contribute.

Our space was only about 31*7, the interior dimensions of the trailer, but we put two simple RV roof vents with integrated fans in the ceiling. I've personally seen fifteen cigars lit up in there at once and those two fans have no problem keeping up with the smoke.

However, if this were in someone's basement, you would definitely still get the smell through the house eventually, if only from the door opening and closing and the little seepage.

What we originally considered (and ultimately dismissed as overkill for this particular application) were commercial Smoke Eaters, a filter system commonly used in public cigar bars now. I don't see how you could use anything less than that for an interior cigar room that sits below the rest of the living space.

The fans absolutely keep the air moving in the trailer, but you are correct to be concerned about heat loss. When they are cranked
up, we have to supplement the heat with a portable propane unit that kicks out several thousand BTUs. The Smoke Eaters, being recirculating filter type units, would have nullified that problem.

Hopefully that gets you thinking on the right track.

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Re: Cigar Smoke Containment And Ventilation For Poker Room

Do a Google search for cigar room ventilators. Also go on the cigar message boards. Get a commercial unit and plastic at least the ceiling. The smoke goes everywhere if not contained.

Of course locking in all that moisture in a basement has its own issues. Hence the commercial air handler.

The wife will thank you.

My only problem wit getting married is that I can no longer smoke cigars in my home office. Other than that I guess I'll keep her around.
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Re: Cigar Smoke Containment And Ventilation For Poker Room

If you could get an inline fan and place that in the furnace room, it provides the most bang for the buck. at 300 cfm you can leave it run while in there and I would provide back flow from outside the room, if any at all. Virtually no noise, especially if you were to use two 5" diffusers/ducts attached to a 6 inch pipe which is attached to the fan.

Good luck!
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