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Christmas Bonuses

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Old 12-10-2009, 07:15 PM   #21
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Re: Christmas Bonuses

Cash is king!
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Re: Christmas Bonuses

I have gave tool sets (Dewalt 4 kit) and cash, and guess what? The guys who worked for me without fail always wanted the cash.

The amount always depended on the individual, and was not open to discussion.
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Re: Christmas Bonuses

Well thanks for all the responces guys... looks like CASH it is.
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Re: Christmas Bonuses

I usually get $1,000 cash.

Did a small job for $2,200. Lady paid half of it in cash right away, so dad gave it to me.
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Re: Christmas Bonuses

Originally Posted by rino1494 View Post
I usually get $1,000 cash.

Did a small job for $2,200. Lady paid half of it in cash right away, so dad gave it to me.
What I give my son and what I give my employees are two different things
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Re: Christmas Bonuses

Cash and tools.

I usually give Leatherman's to the guys their first year, along with some cash.
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Re: Christmas Bonuses

Gift cards to Walmart (Can be used for food, clothing, etc.).
Gift cards for tools.
Cash is always a winning hit.

If you have guys that are real go getters and always putting in the time to get the job done, consider this............

Get gift cards to the local day spa with a letter telling their wives that you appreciate them being supportive with some of the hours that her husband works and you wanted to show your appreciation for the sacrifice she makes. This equates to happy wife=======happy worker.
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Re: Christmas Bonuses

Cash. Usually works out to $50 or $100 per month for the year ($600/1200). I just stash it away in the safe on a monthly basis so it's there come Christmas.
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Re: Christmas Bonuses

Everytime I gave a bonus in the past, no one showed up for work on Monday, afterwards. I have found very few appreciate it, and work harder because of receiving a bonus.

I prefer cash incentives now; show up on time for a month, you get $100... 3 months without getting 'sick,' $200... That adds up to an even $2000, if I am adding right.

At least they would deserve the $2000.

I haven't given out $2000 yet, but it is there for the taking...

There are still end of year gifts...

Edited: the dollar amounts are hypothetical amounts

Last edited by Timster; 12-11-2009 at 05:06 AM. Reason: Dollar amounts not literal for every situation...
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Re: Christmas Bonuses

I went 11 years with a 10% bonus (very generous!!)....well we're under new ownership as of 1-1-09. At a crew meeting ealier in the fall the new owner told us if he has money we'll get bonuses, if not than we wont.

To the OP I think most guys want cash a couple weeks before the holidays so they can buy gifts.

I admit if you give bonuses regularly, the crew will expect it!!! It's not right, but it's true. The guys on our crew (myself included) start to depend on it.

On the level, we know it is a "bonus" and it's not gauranteed...therefore, I don't have a leg to stand on....I think I'll go watch Christmas Vacation again

But, for argument's sake, Quite a few of us stick around for that xtra cash! I believe it creates loyalty, among other things that I could go on and on about.
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Re: Christmas Bonuses

I usually get $1,000 cash.

Did a small job for $2,200. Lady paid half of it in cash right away, so dad gave it to me.
Gotta love when dad does that.
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Re: Christmas Bonuses

I usually give company sweatshirts and hats with cash depending on how long they have worked for me, but I like the idea of gift cards to a hardware store. they can't waste that at the bar
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solar guy
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Re: Christmas Bonuses

So my address is .......
cash is best
Preferably large bills
Please send at your earliest convenience.
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Contractor of the Month
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Re: Christmas Bonuses

Wow, anybody want to hire me?

I don't even give out coal!
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Re: Christmas Bonuses

We ussually give out shirts and sweatshirts with cash bonus.

We also take all the guys out to lunch. We tried doing an after hours Christmass party a couple of times but few of the guys wanted to come. I was the same way when I worked for someone. I would rather spend time with my family at Christmas than employer.

We also shut down for the week between Christmass and New Years. It has never been a productive week and I can relax taking time off. I can not relax at home if my guys are working. I always end up going by the job.
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Re: Christmas Bonuses

Jelly of the month club
Roccies Asphalt Paving
The Right Way Driveway Company
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Re: Christmas Bonuses

Originally Posted by Vinny View Post
Jelly of the month club

the gift that keeps on giving month after month
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Re: Christmas Bonuses

I dont ever remember getting a bonus. I always thought my bonus was that I got to keep my job and I had more work the next week so I can bring in another paycheck.

We used to offer bonuses based on job title. Foreman would get the most bonus and so on and so fourth until everyone started to think it was a right instead of a privledge. Occasionally, if the job gets done ahead of schedule, ill offer a bit of a bonus but most the time I tell the guys that your bonus is you still have a job.
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Re: Christmas Bonuses

now see.. thats what used to be nice about the siding buis,the owner always had a pocket full of cash christmas time
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Re: Christmas Bonuses

Is this the end of the line, where I get my Christmas bonus?...


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