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Best Worksite Radio?

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Re: Best Worksite Radio?

Originally Posted by BCConstruction View Post
Would love to see your setup putting out 120db. you do know thats around concert loudness. that requires around 40-100K watts to acheive that loudness. lets put it this way. im currently listening to some dubstep through 7 speakers plus my sub putting out 140W to the fronts and 1000w to the sub at almost flat out heres my DB at a meter.

Here's my fronts

Attachment 73037

here's my sub

Attachment 73038
Nice meter, those radio shack ones work great. They do not, however measure sub woofer volume accurately, I do that by ear.

db is typically measured at a meter from the speaker, you are right 120 is high for a ghetto blaster I would think they would be in the 110 range. A rock concert is probably about 120 with peaks in the 140 range. Keep in mind it is a logarithmic scale.
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Re: Best Worksite Radio?

Originally Posted by strathd
Why do we need a radio to charge batteries ? Why dont we just use the battery chargers ? I dont get it. Radio for music, chargers for batteries.
This is apparently what Ridgid thought because their radio runs off of their batteries, but does not charge them. So far I have no complaints. Seems perfect for iPod or iPhone people.
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Re: Best Worksite Radio?

the best? the one you control, u touch u die!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.
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Re: Best Worksite Radio?

i gave away my dewalt radio because it had absolutely no bass...even the newer ones.

the older milwaukee sounds great. the makita radios have suprisingly great sound too for a small package.
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Re: Best Worksite Radio?

for you guys that dont want the radio charger do you match the same brand drills as the radio or do you use different brands , say a non charging millwaukee radio and bosch drills ? i like mine tomatch i can use the same betteries . so if i get the non charging radio im stuck with millwaukee tools if i want to share the batteries.
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Re: Best Worksite Radio?

I've had the Bosch for a couple of years now. I used to buy cheap boombox's but the antenna would be broken off within a week. This one has held up great and the sound quality is really good. The extra outlets are a nice feature too. My only complaint is that its somewhat bulky and heavy.
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Re: Best Worksite Radio?

we use old radios we find at garage sales and stuff... itll be a cold day in hell when I go out and spend anymore than $5 on a radio.
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Re: Best Worksite Radio?

yee haw was thinking I was out of place, extra costs over the border though, I have to pay ten, plus tax!!!


If paint covers all sins ,,,then I guess I should be covered
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