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Another One...i Really Get The Winners

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Re: Another One...i Really Get The Winners

Originally Posted by jamestrd View Post
this is what i finally sent to her..out of my hands now....anohter one i am chasing, the people still no reply to emails...not even a courtesy thank you but the job has been given out..this one about 22900.00

i got about 3 hours or so invested in this follow ups..lead fee...the usual..
people just suck..

Hi Trinity,

The numbers I provided are to completely facilitate the work to the specifications of the job.

Are you seeking to purchase your own material? If so, please advise and I will be happy to provide you with a detailed material list and square footage upon an Agreement.

Our Labor is a total number with no additional costs to you, provided the work remains consistent with the contract.

I am looking forward to hearing back from you and to potentially working together on your project.

Please refer to our online references for your continued confidence.

Thank you for your consideration.

That's a great reply.. Guess you'll see what happens.
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Re: Another One...i Really Get The Winners

What is your closing ratio? If you're at 25% like you should be you'll only be at 12 hours work to close 20k in sales; that seems like a very small investment. It's not like you're spending 40 hours designing a kitchen remodel, giving them the plans and then they hire someone else with your design. It's tng flooring - everybody knows what it costs and where to get it.

It's not like the home owner is sitting there "I need a stick with a thing and then another thing the first thing goes in and it all goes together but I can't even begin to conceive of what that is or where I will get it." Your clients aren't going to be 20 year olds, their more likely phd's who know real estate well and do their homework on all the financial decisions in their life.
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Re: Another One...i Really Get The Winners

Originally Posted by RemodelGA View Post
Explain to her that the job is not being bid by the square foot, it's being bid by the job, and that the job includes the floor in x, y, and z rooms. The total SF numbers are proprietary. I mean you're the one taking the risk - if you miscalculated, can you go back to them for more money for the additional square footage? No. So you're bidding it by the job, not by the SF, and they can deal with it.

Yeah, I agree with this comment. I'm a home builder that got hit hard by the new home slump and had to go back to remodeling, so I'm runnin into a lot of these "tire-kickers" who'll shop your too detailed bid to some jack leg they got off craigslist.
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Re: Another One...i Really Get The Winners

dont matter...the rude asian replied to me..


"I comfortable to work with other company, thanks"

thas it ,,nothing else.

the more i think about it..its really time to charge for estimates..

plumbers, AC/heat guys all doing it here now.

they call it a "diagnostic charge" and it is NOT refundable or credited to actually doing the work..

if everyone would do it..all the tie kickers would be gone..after people pay for 3 estimates..they will be inclined tomake a decisons and a hire..

right now people have nothing at risk and all the time in the world.

they dot have wood floors and dont care if they wait 3 more years, take 22 estimates and countless hours on google shopping..they are at no liability to do so..

meanwhile, we do all the legwork..then they pick up the few guys..say bi have 953 sf..i want 21/4 select red oak..finshed with 3 coats poly..

i will buy the much for labor..

they no longer have to meet with someone..they can do this until they got the 'right number"..

then call this guy in for a real estimate..when the number changes a bit,,,start all over again
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Re: Another One...i Really Get The Winners

Originally Posted by WarnerConstInc. View Post
Tell her it is like 10,000 cubic feet.

At least she will sound silly when she tells the CL guy's how big the job is, or maybe they won't know the difference.
You could quote by the cubic tonne...
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Re: Another One...i Really Get The Winners

Here is what I would of done. Told her 10/12 days work, 5 guys so many hours, materials, then put your profit, let's say $1500. If people think your making $2000 a day, they won't hire you.
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Re: Another One...i Really Get The Winners

Originally Posted by WarnerConstInc. View Post
Tell her it is like 10,000 cubic feet.

At least she will sound silly when she tells the CL guy's how big the job is, or maybe they won't know the difference.


"If you don't have time to do it right, when are you going to have time to do it over?" ~ Wise Old Timer
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