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Another Article Bashing Contractors

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Re: Another Article Bashing Contractors

The points are -

1) Are you a storm chaser? If you're not, the article has nothing to do with you. That article has as much to do with typical contractors as an article about roofing has to do with a flooring contractor.

2) The better you run your business the more you should want your market to be educated. Why would you not want your customers to be educated and eliminate for you more than 1/2 your competitors from even being considered for the job?

You'd rather spend your time doing estimates for homeowners only to have them choose some contractor who shows up 3 hours late for the estimate, driving his wife's Chevy Corsica thats missing a door, not wearing any shoes, smelling of alcohol, promising the world, scratching his balls and wrting up the estimate on a napkin, because your customers don't know any better?

That's what everybody bitches about on here every single day, how they can't believe how they spent 4 hours working on an estimate only to find out the customer is using some slob off of craigslist, and how they totally don't care about your quality or your reputation. Then you come on here and bitch about a article that is trying to educate consumers to actually care about quality and reputation.

How about we slow down, actually read something before we bitch about it and don't shoot the messangers who are trying to elevate our industry and the customers base?
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Re: Another Article Bashing Contractors

It would have been nice if the article had mentioned another 'red flag'... low price! Legitimate contractors on average cost more than 'storm chasers', because it costs more to be legitimate. By making it clear that following all of their 'tips' will have added costs that the 'storm chasers' wouldn't have accounted for, but the legitimate contractor would have in the bid. Telling the consumer that he/she should be prepared and WILLING to pay for those added costs to protect themselves. In other words in order to protect yourself from 'storm chasers' DO NOT allow a low or lower price to dictate your decision making!
It has always amazed me how pretty smart people seem to think there is NO difference between a low bid and a high bid from contractors. They REALLY believe that the high bidder does not add any value to their job. That he is 'laughing all the way to the bank' with the extra money! These are the ones that scream the loudest when they are 'taken' by their 'low price contractor'
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Re: Another Article Bashing Contractors

That's why you see people being told to - take the bid in the middle.

I've even seen contractors on here say the same thing when they are buying tradework.

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Re: Another Article Bashing Contractors

Originally Posted by Mike Finley View Post
The article is about protecting consumers from storm chasers, not typical contractors.

Maybe if some of you actually READ THE ARTICLE?

Besides the point, if there is something in that article that your business can't stand the scrutiny of, then maybe you should think about how you run your business.

You all can rant all you want about how homeowners are so bad, but that doesn't change the facts that your peers have kept home improvements businesses on the top 10 list of consumer complaints for the last 15 years in a row. Pretend the industry doesn't have a problem all you want.

i'm not going to bother reading this because it sounds like typical blame the victim talk anyway. we all know that contractors are twice as good as homeowners anyway. "give me your money and stay out of my way," that's my policy.

seriously though, it's a little of column a and a little of column b. we've all dealt with picky, over-protective customers who try to cheap us out of the payments or look over our shoulder the whole time. just like most homeowners have had a "contractor" end up charging way too much, mess something up, or talk down to them. it goes both ways and neither should judge the other based upon those past experiences.
each new interaction is a new opportunity and we've got to let the individual homeowner dictate themselves how we will view them and vise versa. it's a service industry and there's a lot on the line (probably the biggest investment of their life for the HO) and time/money/reputation for us. so we just need to be cool about it and separate ourselves from the hacks.
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Re: Another Article Bashing Contractors

This stuck out like a sore thumb in the article.

"We're not saying all contractors are dishonest the majority of them are just the opposite. It's just that some dishonest people pretend to be contractors," Howard says.

BTW: Natural disasters with billions in damage creates an environment when the "good contractors" would be in short supply. When a town or city has been wiped clean by a hurricane I would say scams happen largely because of lack of contractors trying to serve an entire population.

Scams are bound to happen given the circumstances. Regardless, MSN just need to fill some space on the real estate portion of the website so they came up with a lame article.

see ya!
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Re: Another Article Bashing Contractors

Guys, life happened and I had to go away after my previous post for the day. I appreciate the comments that have been posted since then. This thread has taken a better slant now. That's good to see.

I know most of us are trying to work toward seeing our industry advanced in a credible way. Our success and survival depend on it!

We each have our own take on things. That's ok, usually. It's what makes the world keep spinning round and balanced. It would be very lopsided if we all were the same.

Thanks to all who bring solid and credible thoughts to the table. It's how I keep learning and trying to improve.......


"I could agree with you, but then we'd both be wrong."
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