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New Business Critique Our Website

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New Business Critique Our Website

Hey men!
I've been picking up business and doing pretty well so far.My website is up for now and was wanting to get some feedback.If y'all get a chance take a look and let me know what I should add/delete,change,etc..There will be more photos coming soon and some of those will be coming off.
Just take it easy on me fellas I'm a sensitive guy and not a web designer by any means!
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Re: New Business Critique Our Website

Functional for sure! A good solid place to grow from.

I'd loose the dashed lines on the table cells. Add some cell padding to get the text away from the cell edges.

You use a template, app, or ? I haven't seen spacer gifs used in awhile and full use of Tables.

Alt="" on the images Most current W3C validation requires Alt for all raster images. LOL I use spacer gifs here and there myself. The validation ain't no big thing for you right now.


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mightyoakllc (03-15-2015)
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Re: New Business Critique Our Website

The header of the site is good. The content below that is lack luster. Overall though not bad and will be better then lots of contractor sites.
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mightyoakllc (03-15-2015)
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Re: New Business Critique Our Website

The site is quite nice. Unfortunately google will pass it over if you have decent competition.

for example the title for your home page is your company name. You would prefer to have the search term there. Such as (town) contracting- mighty oak (possibly phone number-depends on length)

Same thing with the "welcme to might oak which is the H1. You would like a search term in there.

Your photos you would like to goto a specific and individual service page, not really a gallery page, as it will have no content to give information to SE's on how to rank that page.

A lot, I mean a lot of web designers can make seriously impressive websites that cant rank in SE's.

Depends what you want from it. If you get 95% WOM then its awesome. If you need more leads from a website you need to consider hiring a company who specializes in conversion and seo.
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mightyoakllc (03-15-2015)
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Re: New Business Critique Our Website

When I clicked on the testimonial link it opened with nothing in it. If it is going to be there it should have at least 8 or 10 good testimonials. I was also interested in the historical preservation but found no info other than the picture which I couldn't make sense of. I would be inclined to not separate your work into the four categorizes as it all appears to be similar enough. If you had some great new homes, some exterior work, kitchens and so on I can see why you would separate it.

Other than those things I think it looked clean and inviting. Your work looked good as well.
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Re: New Business Critique Our Website

Your website has a nice layout and a fast response time. You need to add a lot of content to your site, not just pictures. Otherwise Google will not even catalog it. If you have a page with nothing on it, like your testimonial page, it will affect your ranking was well. Just do a quick Google search on how to rank on their search engine. It will get you the bare minimum for you to make Google happy and rank on Google.
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Re: New Business Critique Our Website

Biggest problem is the service pages all link to the same portfolio page. You should put some real content behind the service pages and make them their own linked pages so they'll land in search. So, that and everything jbm mentioned.
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Re: New Business Critique Our Website

I'm no web expert but I think you need to get more content on your site As others have said services pages for all the things you can do and also locations around where you work.

"Content is King" to search engines I believe, and fresh content even better. So a blog page and talk about the jobs you're doing and have done and you'll just naturally get a lot of keywords in there.
Also the basic onpage SEO... the stuff JBM talks about.

Your work looks real good.. now ya just gotta let people know about it.
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Re: New Business Critique Our Website

Overall layout looks fine, need more content on all of the pages. Look at what your competitors on page 1 of Google are doing in your area. If they have pages with 750 words of content, make sure you have 1000. If they have 1000 words make yours 1250 etc.

Make sure it is unique without spamming your keywords throughout and Google will start picking you up for longer search keyterms.


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