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Old 03-28-2007, 08:41 PM   #1
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Hi - I've seen some negative press on here about EveryContractor.com

I joined for the lead service (yes, I'll try anything once). That was about 3 weeks ago. I haven't taken any leads yet... but in the meantime I was called on for the Premier Contractor Program. It's a substantial investment in my book, and they will guarantee work in the next 12 months.

They were not pushy AT ALL - contrary to other posts here. Took the time to explain a lot to me - and asked me a lot of questions about my business.

ANy new thoughts on this service in here?
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Re: EveryContractor.com

http://www.contractortalk.com/showthread.php?t=20321 someone else just posted about them


To get the best replacement windows, or sun rooms contact the replacement windows experts at FHI Vinyl Window Company.
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Re: EveryContractor.com

It has been 9 months nada ( not a damn thing) if you don't watch out and miss updating profile , they try to start clock over, but they could not prove i agreeded to terms , i am waiting for 1 year anniversary and
i will see then , hurry up July, buyer beware.
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Pro Painter
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Re: EveryContractor.com

They lied to me. Wouldn't touch them with a ten foot pole.
Weathered Wood Restoration LLC
Deck Staining & Restoration Jacksonville, FL
Pressure Washing Jacksonville, FL
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Re: EveryContractor.com

If this company has 23 plumbers all in the same zip code of a service request (lead). How do they choose the 5 or so contractors to get the lead .

Some of these services promise their HO's they will get 5 bids or less.
Someone (contractor) is bound to get left out some of the time.

I'd rather let the HO choose me (among other contractors they like) and a service request. Atleast I know then it's outside the hands of a middle-person
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Re: EveryContractor.com

They're a piece of work. I've got opinions that I will share via pm or email but not online

[email protected]

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Re: EveryContractor.com

I would suggest you spend your money on local advertisement such as newspapers and phone book ads. If you want to be on the internet, make a webpage and find someone who knows how to get you to your local customer base!!
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Old 04-06-2007, 08:46 AM   #8
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Re: EveryContractor.com

The company's Better Business Bureau (BBB) report clearly states some things:

(BTW, I can't post a URL here yet, so to verify the authenticity of my statement, here's what you do. Just google BBB. In BBB's website, in the top left corner, there's the text "Check it out:". Underneath that is a button labeled "Business", click it. In the company name field, put everycontractor.com, and search for the reports.)

Quoted from Everycontractor.com's BBB Report:
As of March 14, 2007, this company’s Better Business Bureau membership has been terminated as they continue to use the Bureau's reports, materials, and services for sales purposes in spite of repeated warnings from the Bureau.

This company has an unsatisfactory record due to a pattern of complaints involving service issues including complaints alleging difficulty in getting incorrect information changed on the companies' website regarding the consumers business as well as the failure to receive leads that were guaranteed by the company verbally and/or in writing.
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Re: EveryContractor.com


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Re: EveryContractor.com

Everycontractor 3500 N.Rancho Dr. Las Vegas ,Neveda 89130
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Re: EveryContractor.com

When you make a decision based on information that injures you or causes damage ,the info proves to be false or is not fulfilled it is fraud.
Complain to Federal Trade Commission Web site , google FTC and fill out form to put the heat on these guys, they do have leads , but dupe contractors in areas they plan on not servicing until they are good and ready while using there money indefinitely, be especially aware of targeted marketing that never happens , but evidently occurs in other areas.
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Re: EveryContractor.com

I am a Kitchen Solver franchisee located in the "OC" in socal, and as part of a marketing effort a year ago, Everycontractor.com was introduced to the franchise system nationally as a legimate source of qualified leads. Sixteen individual franchise's signed up for the Preferred Program, at $3000.00 a pop. And as reported in previous posts EC guaranteed a ROI of $68K in completed contracts for a 12 month period or they would refund the $3000.00 desposit.
They have not fulfilled any of the 16 contracts they had with our franchise system, and are refusing to refund any desposit monies. The reasons they give are not following their program guidelines, i.e. in not up-dating your profile etc.
I am really not wanting to re-hash some of the former postings but rather wanted to warn away any contractor that is even slightly thinking of using their service, don't waste your time, money or energy with these people, they are crooks.
I also wanted to let folks know that a number of Federal Agencies will investigate this kind of fraud, they are,
NW3C National White Collar Crime Center, click on Partnerships, Click on Internet Crime, fill in the Complaint form.
US Dept of Justice
National Fraud Info Center
State of Nevada Atorney Generals Office
I encourage all of you that are in the loop of trying to get your hard earned money back from EC to lodge a complaint with the above agencies.

Good Luck!
Kitchen Solvers of Orange County
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Re: EveryContractor.com

Sorry...but thanks for the word.
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Back from the dead...
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Re: EveryContractor.com

IMHO, their claim of "not updating your profile" reeks of BS to me.

Once you fill it out, was is there to update? I have owned the same company for 20 years, same phone number, address, everything. Nothing has changed. What am I supposed to update?

Several years ago, I was offered a free trial of their lead service. I told them I wasn't interested, yet a couple popped up in my email anyways. I was sent 2 or 3 'leads' in a 9 month period, and none of them where A. even close to my part of the state or B. even close to the trade I perform. I got leads for laying drain tile in Kansas City, and painting a 2 bedroom apartment in Springfield IL.

When I told them the leads weren't even considered a lead, I was told "you must have filled out your profile wrong, you must update it". What a crock of 5hit. Don't you think if I was looking for leads, I would know that I install wallpaper in the city of St. Louis and surrounding areas? They responded with a weak claim of something must have happened to my info when they upgraded their website.

Buyer beware.
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Old 08-25-2007, 09:26 AM   #15
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Re: EveryContractor.com

Oh the stacks of emails I have with that same load of manure You should check out Ripoff report....Mr. David Johnson himself has tried to make me out as the bad guy. Promises, promises and more promises - they do not deliver. Period. End of Subject. I do enjoy the fact that I have now (and I'm keeping count) cost them $8K in potential customers.
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Re: EveryContractor.com

Originally Posted by carolinaprowash View Post
I do enjoy the fact that I have now (and I'm keeping count) cost them $8K in potential customers.
Add another. They called me last week. Thanks for the info and keep letting people know.
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Old 09-07-2007, 12:04 PM   #17
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Re: EveryContractor.com

these people are the most annoying company i ever came across. i spoke to them once. they called me every single day for 1 month straight. no joke, no lie here. every single day for 1 month. i never picked up the phone. its funny that i saw the post now... they called again today as well.

they are on this board. they read post and contact contractors.

go away you suckers. we dont want your POS service. and dont call me again or i file charges
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Old 09-08-2007, 07:05 AM   #18
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Re: EveryContractor.com

I'm trying one called service pro. Interesting service, very detailed in what I can ask for so I'm only looking for large leads,additions and major renovations, and have the area down in three zips here in South Tampa, about 3 mile radius from my home, That is supoose to give me about 3-4 leads a month. so far I got 1 in three weeks but the market here is in the tank and there models are base on last years #. Toltal compation in the area I chose is 2 others max on some projects and the out of pocket is $100 startup, $50 per lead, no mothly fee and I can set my monthly leads wanted to $0 anytime I want. So I am giving it a shot. The one got was a small job maybe 20-30K depenting which plan he chooses and if he even does the job. Anyone got closing # from this type of lead service?

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Old 11-13-2007, 10:02 PM   #19
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Re: EveryContractor.com

What is this every contractor thing about?
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Mod / ArchiBuilder

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Re: EveryContractor.com

It is an only lead service.

Check: www.everycontractor.com


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