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Keystone Piece For A Great Room?

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Keystone Piece For A Great Room?

New one on me, but I was wondering if this was done.

My BIL is working on a large project using hardwood and he was concerned with really nailing center in this great room and radiating out. He was thinking of starting from the center of the room, then working out in both directions.
Have any of you ever done that? I've only ever worked one side to the other and I've never had a problem finding my center or working my way into other rooms.

I'm picturing a double tongued keystone piece with a bunch of unnecessary face screws right in the center of your room.
That's crazy, right?

Educate me, or educate him by proxy. Thanks.
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Re: Keystone Piece For A Great Room?

I'm not an expert but I think it's fairly common and can be accomplished by glueing a spline into the groove of the starter row and either nailing throw it, or glueing the starter row. A benefit to doing it this way is two installers can work back to back.


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Re: Keystone Piece For A Great Room?

Not true. It's simple and us done all the time. On jobs where there are multiple nailers running simultaneously, it's very slow to go end to end. You can start in the middle. You just have to make sure you are dead square to the exterior walls.
Snap a line on the floor that is square off the wall. Screw/nail a very straight and long ledger to the subfloor on your line.
With no paper/felt down, run a "s" line of glue (bostiks BEST) next to the ledger and embed your hardwood planks in the glue with the groove side on the ledger. Nail as usual as well. Depending on the plank width, you may also need a few face nails 1/2" from the groove.
Remove the temporary ledger. Glue in slip tongues (splines) into the groove along the run. You can now nail another row off the backside. You can lay your paper/ felt down now. Install like usual from either direction.
Slip tongues aren't sold at box stores IME. but you should be able to get a bunch of them from lumber liquidators or a decent flooring store.
Good luck hope that makes sense.

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Re: Keystone Piece For A Great Room?

Cool! Thanks for the tips. I will pass this along and let him know he's on the right track.
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Re: Keystone Piece For A Great Room?

I do it in both directions all the time not always from the middle for one reason or another.
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