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How To Remove Stair Railings

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Re: How To Remove Stair Railings

Ok thzzz
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Re: How To Remove Stair Railings

Originally Posted by griz View Post

Just hope someone didn't over due the glue on the spindles...
That would be me. You ain't taking my stuff down
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Re: How To Remove Stair Railings

Originally Posted by Thai View Post
So would i just bang the topp off?
No, first you need to figure out how it's installed. Is the rail nailed to the news & wall, screwed, or does it use a rail bolt? Take it apart in reverse order of how it went together.

What are you planning to use for a nose board under the spindels?
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Re: How To Remove Stair Railings

Originally Posted by Thai View Post
Trying to start my own company. Working wit the union suksss
Originally Posted by Thai View Post
So would i just bang the topp off?
I'm thinking he's actually a contractor.....

If I put it in you'd have a better chance of tearing the floor out than the railing. If a "builder" put it in then look for the railing/post connection and take out the screws, bolts or cut the nails first. Then you can but a jack underneath and tighten it up. I usually get the jack tight an tap the railing off with a mallet rather than let the jack do all the work.
Originally Posted by Jaws View Post
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Re: How To Remove Stair Railings

It looks like a builder type of railing job. Check over the railing to see if the job is nailed together or screwed together.It should come apart easier if nailed
. If you can slightly separate the rail from the post, you can use a hacksaw to cut the nails. At the wall should be a "cookie" or a flat piece that the rail attaches to. That might be screwed into the rail from behind or the rail is simply nailed to it. Hacksaw is your friend, again.

The rail may have been built as a unit and simply nailed into the floor and then attached to the post and cookie by nails or screws. If only nailed into the floor then you could drive the nails deeper and through the wood to free the bottom.
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Re: How To Remove Stair Railings

Any I have taken apart without an axe had screws and plugs, find the plugs, unplug them and un screw.
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Re: How To Remove Stair Railings

Pinwheel, & Griz hit on the main details to consider. You first have to figure out how it was put in, & then do reverse order to remove.

As a trim carp contractor, I used to do a lot of piece work field installs, but now my company only does modular (pre assembled) systems 99% of the time. We're currently on pace to do about 800 homes/yr, averaging about 30 ft per job.

They can be installed a lot of ways, but given that the sections are at right angles to each other and one is tied to a wall, you might get lucky & find that all the balusters were just pinned with a nailer. The reason I say that is that the bottoms appear to have been cut off. The top to bottom proportion are backwards. The top flat/block is always shorter than the bottom, at least on any std baluster I've ever seen, or turned. Another thing to consider is if the newel was sunk into the floor, or was it surface mounted to the nosing. My guess is that it was surface mounted. There's also a chance, although unlikely, that the bottoms were attached with double lag bolts. I'd look for pins in the bottom of the balsuters, & if there are none, they were most likely installed with double lag type screws. Either way, consider a sawzall with a metal/hacksaw blade, & cut under the baluster. I'd be inclined to clamp two boards across the bottoms to help cut down vibration of the splindles while cutting.

My question is why do you need to remove the rail?
If the nosing is 3/4" ( most likely) you may be better off leaving intact, & staining the floor to match. Of course if it's prefinished floor, the nosing will need to be removed, but then the rail won't match the floor.

Lots of variables without bseing able to see job.
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Re: How To Remove Stair Railings

Best advice I can give you is.....hire a real pro!
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Re: How To Remove Stair Railings

Sadly, many of the self contracting are actually LESS able than an experienced DIYer who KNOWS WHEN HE IS IN OVER HIS HEAD and calls a pro and who may show up... a floor guy who can not remove a stair spindle. I spent my first 5 years stuck in closets until I could cut-in precisely. I worked for an old school, European for ten years before I hung my own shingle! And then, only because the gentleman retired. ( I am forgiving because a lot of people just want to make any kind of job for themselves as there are so few jobs out there.) But I hope they are up front with clients about experience, ability and expected rates.
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Re: How To Remove Stair Railings

In my area , they would have a noseing under the carpet .
If its is , you could just floor up to it.
Instal a new nosing notching the squares of the spindles flush to the back of the nosing , and floor up to it.
Most of the time i whack them off and replace them with new .
I'm good with railings i replace a lot of them .
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everything on hardwood
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Re: How To Remove Stair Railings

you did not specify how if this railing is attached to the flooring, if not I guess the job would not be too hard, this is a small movie on installing the railing after having installed the deck:

ipe massaranduba hardwood decking and flooring
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Re: How To Remove Stair Railings

Probably he get it done by now, but for future visitors, I like to add;
When I was living in Ontario, most of the railings has steel plates under the handrail. This is the most easy to dis-assembly. Unscrew the screws that holds the handrail, remove handrail, unscrew the screws that holds the pickets/spinders, then remove the pickets which has newels.
But hey, I have seen many railings installed different ways.
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Re: How To Remove Stair Railings

Originally Posted by Kent Whitten View Post
That would be me. You ain't taking my stuff down
"Your problem does not constitute an emergency on my part"
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Re: How To Remove Stair Railings

I would tie it to a truck bumper and get them all in one shot


I never lost a cent on the jobs I didn't get!
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