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Commercial Floor Remodel - SLC & Epoxy

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Commercial Floor Remodel - SLC & Epoxy

I have a small restaurant remodel. The existing floor was commercial carpet that was glued with adhesive to the concrete underneath. After ripping up the carpets I found several cracks in the concrete flooring. My plan was to use the self leveling concrete throughout the whole restaurant to fix the cracks and also provide a surface for a finish coat of commercial epoxy.

My questions are:

1) Should the floor be sanded to remove the adhesive before pouring the SLC?

2) I am concerned about loosing the SLC down the cracks as it is a 2nd story floor and not sure how deep the cracks go and to where. Should I fill them first? cover them? I thought of filling the cracks with a concrete caulk before pouring the SLC

3) I am looking for a good commercial brand that will bond well to the SLC finish surface ... While also being durable to withstand heavy traffic and cleaning. Any suggestions on a good epoxy for this? The clients previous contractor put down an epoxy that chipped up within the first year and we defiantly don't want this to happen again. Perhaps it wasn't dry enough and cured?

Also ... on another unit where they had this epoxy chipping problem Can the SLC go over the chipping epoxy ... or do I need to sand it down too?

Any help with these questions or additional tips for this project would be greatly appreciated! Appreciate you time and contribution.
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Re: Commercial Floor Remodel - SLC & Epoxy

We'd be happy to help. You can contact LATICRETE local rep, George Dodson at 203-464-8779.

Tell him Sharon La Riviere sent you


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Re: Commercial Floor Remodel - SLC & Epoxy

It would be better to take it down to the original concrete before trying to self level you will also need to use a primer.
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Re: Commercial Floor Remodel - SLC & Epoxy

I would plan to grind the concrete. For filling cracks I have used Polyurea. It self levels in the cracks. It come in a tube like caulk, the stuff is crazy expensive and doesn't go far.
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Re: Commercial Floor Remodel - SLC & Epoxy

The previous guy probably used epoxy paint, with out top coat. We use Elite Crete epoxy, and a urethane topcoat(their top coat may take a while to cure, you can use another maybe check out Sika's system Ive used theres once for antistatic epoxy, but its important that any two or three part components that are put down are set and not tacky before another material is applied). It probably came up from bad bonding from prep, or contamination. The slabs not on grade so I wouldn't think vapor transmission. How bad is the slab, weather you install an SL or just prep grind and clean. you're still going to need to use a filler in the cracks, polyurea, backer rod with epoxy and sand, or a cement patch, depending on the thickness of the cracks.
If you fail to fill those cracks you may have a mess on the first floor, or uneven points in the epoxy from the material running, or even holes.
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Re: Commercial Floor Remodel - SLC & Epoxy

I can't comment to the above posts. Not really my thing.

Last month I went into a commercial space. It had carpet and the new owners wanted something they could clean easily, but not spend alot of money on.

I removed the carpet. There was old glue left behind. Extremely annoying. But, that is life in construction.
We used a concrete grinder to smooth the surface. Upon reflection, we should have just used a dry concrete grinder, but we used a wet machine.

Ground the floor down, then applied an epoxy with a top coat. Everything went well. The customer is happy. The floor looks great.

As for the cracks, I'm sure there are people that will disagree. We used construction adhesive. We filled the cracks and used a putty knife to smooth them out. So far, no problems.

The floor looks amazing. BTW, I used Sherwin Williams epoxy.

Worked so good, I'm planning on doing another unit with it.


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