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Bona Glue For Hardwood

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Bona Glue For Hardwood

I am fairly new to hardwood installation and there's a job coming up that the flooring retail store is looking for a new subcontractor to do. It's I believe variable width planks and aquadam waterproofing membrane will be going underneath. They want to use Bona's glue (slipping my mind what it's called) in addition to its installation. It is my understanding that it's not a full spread glue, but I have never done an install like this before. I was wondering if anyone had any good reading material on it or possibly any videos. Your tips and tricks are more than appreciated.
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Re: Bona Glue For Hardwood

Whatever you get, just makes sure it's non etching. The one time I used the Bona Glue it was very comparable to MS Plus (non etching, fast bite, easy clean up with mineral spirits), just costs 10 percent more and the proprietary bona trowell spreads its half as far. It was a full spread glue.

Bostick's Best is an etching glue. If you leave it overnight on the surface of the flooring (either dollops or just smudges) you should expect the smudge to be burned into the coating. There have been several threads on it over the years.

Sometimes you can do a hybrid if you're laying a wide plank 1/2 inch engineered with a bead of glue from a sausage gun every 12 or 18 inches and then 18 gauge staples because the mechanical fasteners just aren't enough to keep the floor quiet.

You may have difficulty if you're trying to lay a hardwood (non engineered material) without mechanical fasteners because there will be bows in the wood that you just can't get tight without a nail.

Glue down is often the most profitable installation. Trowel out a column about arms length, then push the flooring into position with your foot. Much faster and more comfortable than working on your knees. This won't work on a click lock floor. In a nice wide open room you can run 150 feet an hour pretty easily.

That's about all I got.


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