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    How to Get More Work

    3 Simple Steps to Attract Customers and Get More Work. In the old days most contractors were able to get work without advertising. Many small contractors or subprime contractors generated most of their business through word of mouth or simply by working for General Contractors. New construction was booming and work was abundant. Now the Housin... Read More

    by johnbf on April 27, 2011Comments (2)
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    Trends - Vinyl Replacement Windows

    In recent years, with rising energy costs and Stimulus Tax Credit incentives, energy efficient windows have been the market movers.  But beyond energy efficiency, consumers are considering aesthetics and are demanding more than just the 'vanilla' window.  There's growing popularity -- a 'trend' -- toward Vinyl replacement windows wit... Read More

    by ReVisionsWindow on April 27, 2011Comments (2)
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    Can't Find Those Hyde Tools You’re Looking for at Home Depot Anymore?

    Hyde tools have been made in the US since the company was established in 1900. Starting out by offering blades and knives to the New England industry, Hyde quickly became the leading innovator in American Hand Tools, and built a strong reputation as the manufacturer of a quality product. "Today, Hyde is into its second century of service to Amer... Read More

    by cedowns on April 27, 2011Comments (1)
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    Installing Linear Shower Drains - How to select and decide on the right shower drain.

    Before you install your first linear shower drain it is important to understand what drain will be best suited for your application.  There are many drains to choose from right now - most have the proper cUPC or CSA classifications but many do not.    If you are a designer or homeowner you might be drawn to a certain grill style ... Read More

    by JohnFRWhipple on April 26, 2011Comments (2)
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    Contractor Talk 2.0 Launch Contest

    I'm extremely excited about the launch of Contractor Talk 2.0 and I want everyone to try out the new features. I think once you use the new tools you'll see how valuable and fun they can be. To encourage everyone to try things out and have some fun along the way we've come up with a contest that we hope you'll enjoy. What Can You Win?We are g... Read More

    by Nathan on April 22, 2011Comments (48)
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    Welcome to the new Contractor Talk has been around for almost 8 years now and it's grown into the #1 location for contractors to connect online. Together, we've built an awesome resource where contractors can share business and trade knowledge in a pros only enviroment. It's a unique place and I'm excited to show you what we've been working on in the background... Read More

    by Nathan on April 19, 2011Comments (7)
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    Headed to the International Builders Show

    I leave on Wednesday for the International Builders Show in Orlando Florida. I can't wait wait to meet some new people and see all the new products this year. This is the 3rd year I've been to the show and it's always a great time.  I just went to the IBS 2011 website and viewed the show floor. I noticed it's only being held in one ha... Read More

    by Nathan on January 10, 2011Comments (1)
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    What is a Blog?

    Believe it or not it's pretty hard to define what a blog actually is. Originally blogs were very small sites where one individual would create an online journal or web log (which is where we get the word "Blog") documenting their daily lives or topics that interested them. As time went on some blogs got to be very large and essentially turned in... Read More

    by Nathan on January 09, 2011Comments (2)
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