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    How To Make Your Plumbing More Energy-Efficient

    There are a number of different things that can impact your plumbing system. Regardless of how good the system is or how well you maintain it, it does end up becoming less efficient over time. If the system doesn’t have the correct water pressure and doesn’t work as it should, you may end up paying more for your utilities. A plumbing... Read More

    by harmcorplumbing on July 16, 2018Comments (0)
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    Home Improvement Trends For Small Homes

    As a Home Improvement professional, it is vital that you are familiar with the many trends that have entered the Home Improvement market. Just like the Fashion Industry, things tend to be in-style one moment, and out of style the next. But, just like the Fashion Industry, things that were once popular often regain their popularity as time passes... Read More

    by lge77 on July 16, 2018Comments (0)
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    Upcoming Innovation in Modern Concrete Home and Building Construction

    Over the past few years, concrete construction is becoming a huge trend especially with today’s focus on sustainable design. Concrete is stronger, more resilient, and offers more options for homes and building owners than more traditional building methods. As technologies continue to improve, there’s been an explosion of growth in t... Read More

    by lge77 on July 10, 2018Comments (0)
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    Vacation Home Design Tips From The Experts

    In this article, we’re going to share with you four absolutely fantastic tips that come from “the experts”. Now, as a professional yourself, you are probably familiar with some of these already, but they do bare repeating, and many of these things are currently in-demand from people who are hiring contractors and professionals ... Read More

    by lge77 on July 03, 2018Comments (0)
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    5 Building Design Trends Every Contractor Should Know

    Air And Moisture Resistant Building Wrap Every contractor should know about building wrap that is both air and moisture resistant! The name speaks for itself, and it’s not hard to see why this has become a trend. Air infiltration is often very annoying and very pernicious, because it degrades the insulation, which lessens its value and m... Read More

    by lge77 on July 03, 2018Comments (0)
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    What Dumpster Size Do I Need At My Construction Site?

    Having a dumpster on site on a construction job is not only convenient it’s cost effective. It definitely beats having to make multiple trips with the company pickup to get rid of construction waste. The question is, how do you know what dumpster size you need for your particular construction job site? There are several different options t... Read More

    by BTDTBinRentals on July 01, 2018Comments (0)
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    Triple Glazing vs. Double Glazing - is it really worth upgrading?

    For years, double glazing has been the industry standard for noise reduction, thermal insulation, and security - in other words, everything you want from a window. But as the demand for energy efficiency in new buildings increases, and new legislation comes into place, a new contender has entered the arena: triple glazing. For many, this is a s... Read More

    by Cantifix on June 27, 2018Comments (0)
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    How to Maximize the Value of a Small Bathroom

    In life, sometimes, we simply have to make due with personal circumstances in and outside of the home. If your living with one or more small bathrooms, you’re already familiar with this sentiment, especially if you don’t have the funds for a transformative remodel. Luckily, there are numerous aesthetic and functional changes you can... Read More

    by kevinmckenzie on June 13, 2018Comments (0)
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    How to Plan an Eco-Friendly Move

    As household appliances and technologies have grown more sophisticated, their construction processes have become increasingly complex, meaning a larger variety of manufacturing materials with a wider variance of biodegradability and eco-friendliness. As such, the average person must be more attentive to their e-waste disposal practices to reduce... Read More

    by kevinmckenzie on June 11, 2018Comments (0)
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    7 Different Types Of Glass In Construction: Explained

    Glass has been used as material in construction for thousands of years, and over the centuries the place of glass in the way we build has changed dramatically. This is largely down to the fact that the technology available to us has developed, and the ways we produce glass have evolved. There are many types of glass available to contractors and... Read More

    by Cantifix on May 29, 2018Comments (0)
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