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    7 Kitchen Design and Remodeling Ideas

    A kitchen is one of, if not the most frequented place in any household. We spend a lot of time opening the same cabinets, using the same countertops, and operating the same equipment. That’s why if you want to avoid “kitchen fatigue” you need to switch it up every so often.  I’m not just talking about rearranging yo... Read More

    by lge77 on July 08, 2019Comments (0)
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    Energy Efficient Building Design

    As our technology gets more advanced and efficient, so does the way buildings are designed. Nowhere is this more evident than in energy efficiency. With better materials available that offer more versatile designs that are simply more durable than traditional forms of building design, particularly wood-framed construction, energy efficiency has ... Read More

    by lge77 on July 07, 2019Comments (0)
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    Everything You Need to Know About House Wraps

    A well-built house is able to protect everybody within it from a variety of outside elements. In the short-term and the long-term, a house that’s built with all the necessary layers can keep you and your family warm, dry, and safe.  But, are you aware of everything it actually takes to achieve this? Sure, most people know about the b... Read More

    by lge77 on July 07, 2019Comments (0)
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    4 Beautiful Kitchen Interior Upgrades

    One of the simplest methods for refreshing a home and increasing the property value is to upgrade the kitchen. The kitchen is a functional and comfortable gathering place which acts as the center of many homes. Each element must work cohesively in order to serve and function properly.    Sometimes the features of a kitchen no lon... Read More

    by lge77 on July 07, 2019Comments (0)
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    Saving Lives with Accordion Fire Doors

    During a fire, smoke and flames can move quickly – far more quickly than the people who may be trying to escape them. In many large buildings such as offices or hotels, a fire breaking out in one section doesn’t just stay there; it spreads rapidly between floors, often trapping occupants who were nowhere near the fire when it broke o... Read More

    by lge77 on July 07, 2019Comments (0)
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    The Basic Tools Every Contractor Should Have in Their Tool Kits

    As a contractor, you need to be prepared for as many situations as possible to do your best at each jobsite. Unsurprisingly, just learning how to read a tape measure isn't going to cut it. Just as having the knowledge and problem-solving skills is mandatory, having the right tools to perform your work is essential for success. While there can ne... Read More

    by lge77 on June 26, 2019Comments (0)
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    Insulation Tips to Improve Energy Efficiency

    Improving the energy efficiency of a building is very important, that’s why you should know all you can about it. One of the best ways to improve energy efficiency is by using insulation in various forms. Here are some insulation tips you can use to improve the energy efficiency of a building.  Roof Insulation Not every roof is insu... Read More

    by lge77 on June 26, 2019Comments (0)
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    Comparing Different Types of Roofing Materials

    Are you in the market for a new type of roof? If so, you’re in luck. There are a few great options you can choose from nowadays when it comes to shingles. Whether you happen to more interested in style and looks or durability and cost, there is something to meet your needs exactly. In case you’re in need of a new roofing material but... Read More

    by lge77 on June 21, 2019Comments (0)
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    How to Create an Organized Garage

    The garage of the home can be one of the most disorganized areas within your dwelling. It is not uncommon for a garage to be filled with bikes and yard equipment, toys, holiday decorations and so much more. As the homeowner, the clutter can quickly become overwhelming. What do you do? How do you tackle the space and make it more organized? Hang... Read More

    by lge77 on May 29, 2019Comments (1)
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    How to deal with asbestos as a small business

    Recent statistics put pay to the idea that asbestos is yesterday’s problem. More than 5000 people still die of asbestos-related diseases every year, and the figure isn’t likely to fall. Not only does the long latency of asbestos exposure - often 20 to 30 years - mean that many people are yet to notice symptoms, but asbestos also rema... Read More

    by Lee Sadd on May 13, 2019Comments (0)
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