You shouldn't make your company money, your company should make you money...

May 07, 2011

You shouldn't make your company money, your company should make you money...

I was talking with someone I know yesterday, just chit chatting about my schedule for the day. He made a comment, that I should have started my day earlier because "I should be making my company money."  To which I replied, "No, my company should be making me money."

You see,  you can't be everywhere and you can't do all things.  This person I was speaking with is a car mechanic. He is an employee. I explained to him that when he is working he is making the company he works for money. I explained to him that if the manager of the business, presumably the owner, is properly managing the business, then the business is making the owner money.  I explained that the owner need not process every order, that the sales people employed by the company can handle that. I explained that the owner need not wrench back in the shop that this was his job and he is making the owner money.  I explained that it is the managers job to create the plan, recruit, hire, train and manage. 

If the ground work is laid and the proper personell are working that plan, then the business is working for the owner, not the owner working for the business.

So what comment about my schedule did I make that prompted this conversation. He asked what time I started the day. I explained I dropped off my kids at 10:30 am and showed up to the job about 11 am.  He seemed shocked I showed up "so late", in his words, which is what prompted the conversation.  I explained to him that at 6 am I was making dozens of phone calls to ensure the materials, and dumpster was showing up on time. I also checked the weather to make sure we were safe to tear off the roof without risk of flooding the building.  While I was taking care of my fatherly duties my workers were working my plan. They know what I expect of them, I need not be there to tell them every minute detail. If I need to remind them of every minute detail then I have failed as a manager and either my plan is a bad one or they are the wrong people to be working for the company.

The business should be able to make money with out the constant involvement of the business manager. The business should be making YOU money, not the other way around.

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  • No-avatar-62
    stevegiovinazzoalmost 9 years ago

    I agree 100% I spent years giving up too much money on my end. We work hard, we need the business to make us money.
    -Steve Giovinazzo

  • No-avatar-62
    22 Constitutionalmost 9 years ago

    Great way of looking at it.

  • Thumb_542435_296766617086286_687307429_n
    Tom Strublealmost 9 years ago

    another gem,thanks again Grumpy

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