Why You Should Build with ICF Blocks

December 28, 2017
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Builders and architects dictate the way that a house or building is constructed. Yes, you need to conform to certain building codes and most homeowners have final say in things like aesthetics, but when it comes to creating the building envelope – it’s the builders who have the most control.

With all the options you have for building, you’re likely to want to continue using methods that you’ve used in the past – those that you know well and understand. But, traditional stick building methods are beginning to fall out of favor with homeowners who want more energy efficient homes with lower energy bills. This means that builders need to start adapting their practices to continue to meet client demand.

One way that you can deliver what your clients are looking for is to begin building with ICF blocks. These easy to use concrete forms create versatile designs and don’t have a large learning curve for builders to master. Instead, they fit together almost like Legos, and offer numerous benefits that you can use to attract new clients to your work, putting you in greater demand as a builder of eco-friendly, healthy, and energy efficient homes.

Better Insulating Properties

ICF is gaining a lot of traction amongst people building passive homes, and for good reason; it insulates much better than any other material paired with traditional stick built structures. It’s this reason that so many homeowners are beginning to request homes built from ICF, even when they don’t intend to create a passive structure.

ICF is made up of concrete and foam. When constructed and sealed properly, it reduces air infiltration – the number one cause of energy loss in most homes today. Therefore, any home that you build using ICF blocks will have lower energy bills and will be more comfortable year-round – two important selling points in today’s market.


ICF blocks don’t only stop energy transfer; they also stop allergens like pollen and pollution from entering the home as well. This creates a healthier home, which can be very attractive to many potential homeowners.

As people become more educated about what’s in the building products that make up their homes, you’ll also find more potential homeowners who are aware of the chemicals that go into traditional pressure treated wood. By swapping traditional stick building for ICF blocks, you also eliminate the majority of those chemicals, which is also an attractive selling point in certain circles.

Stronger Homes

There have been several natural disasters affecting many parts of the country of late, which are causing numerous people to need to rebuild. At the same time, even those who were not directly impacted by these tragedies are also paying attention to the way that homes are constructed in an effort to better survive the next disaster that comes their way.

Homes built with ICF blocks are significantly stronger than traditional stick built homes. This helps the homes weather natural disasters more easily, whether from earthquake, flood, or fire. ICF is naturally flame resistant, and the added horizontal and vertical rebar makes the walls up to 600 times stronger than standard 2x6 wall made of wood. For homeowners building or rebuilding in disaster-prone areas, ICF blocks can have a significant impact on their peace of mind and on their ability to handle the next disaster that may strike the area.

Build Better Buildings

ICF blocks are simple to use and extremely versatile, allowing you to build homes of any shape or size. They can be finished with any exterior or interior covering, allowing for the style and aesthetics that homeowners want, but with a strength and energy efficiency that sets the finished buildings head and shoulders above the rest. Make the switch to building with ICF blocks and start meeting client demands before the competition.


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