Why social media is important for Contractor Leads

July 25, 2011
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Why social media is important for Contractor Leads

When I opened my business I was excited, but shortly after became desperate for work. I would wait for my phone to ring, I had a website but wasn't getting leads from it, I was sending mailers but still wasn't getting enough business I needed or wanted. I then realized, I had the whole world at my finger tips, and my search for business disapeared. 

If you’re a contractor looking for leads, here are a few tips to help your construction company get as much business as I have now (aka- Too Much Business!).

1.       Start using social media! Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, and other social networks help
contractors get more construction leads because of the visibility they receive. The best way to get more business for your construction company is by being visible, and social media helps expose your company far beyond any newspaper ad.

2.       Be active with your social networks! People enjoy seeing new comments, pictures, news, and activity within social networks. Imagine if you were hanging out with a few of the guys except one of them isn’t saying a single thing… BORING! It’s the same when trying to receive construction leads with social media. If you’re not saying anything useful and enjoyable, people wont want to hang out with you.

3.       Testimonials! By using your Social Networks correctly, people will comment on your profiles, giving you a good reputation. Word of mouth, or in this case, word of social media, is a great way to get more contractor leads. If a friend says that they love you on Facebook, that message is passed along to all their friends. This puts you above all the other contractors. I trust what my friends say, and if they recommend a contractor for a service I need, I'll use them. You will be receiving good quality contractor leads from Facebook users that need your service.

4.       Provide helpful content! Providing trade tips for homeowners helps contractors receive leads. People love to know how to fix or maintain their home, so if you’re providing that content, they will be following you regularly and hiring you if they can’t do the job themselves. What an easy way to receive contractor leads!

There are many places that provide contractors with unlimited construction leads,  but be careful because some of them SUCK! The best lead generators will focus on bringing your company leads, local visibility, convenience, helpful information to improve your business, and branding. It is even better if Contractors receive complimentary professional social networking profiles, updated social networks, and maintained home improvement tips to be posted on contractors’ profiles. 

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  • Thumb_b56d6ad4
    BenLandersover 7 years ago

    #3 is a great point! So many contractors are busy and social media marketing becomes one more thing to deal with, but it takes virtually no work to turn your Facebook page into a consumer review site which you control.

  • Thumb_me2Author
    Brian MainManover 7 years ago

    Virtually no work is true. Simple = Happy =)

  • No-avatar-62
    nynthover 7 years ago

    I don't really understand how social media can assist contractors. Most of them are B2B, and social marketing generally doesn't assist these types of transaction. Even Linkedin has minimal impact in the construction space because we're just not that interested in tech....

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