What Dumpster Size Do I Need At My Construction Site?

July 01, 2018
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Having a dumpster on site on a construction job is not only convenient it’s cost effective. It definitely beats having to make multiple trips with the company pickup to get rid of construction waste. The question is, how do you know what dumpster size you need for your particular construction job site? There are several different options to choose form and the answer to the question really depends on the nature of your work. Here are some guidelines from Bin There Dump That for choosing the right dumpster for your project.


General Contractors and Home Renovations

Choosing the right dumpster as a general contractor may be one of the most difficult decisions to make. It really depends upon the size of your project – there’s no one right answer to this question. On a small project you may get away just fine with a 4 yard dumpster, but on a major renovation that involves gutting a home and rebuilding it from the inside a 20 yard dumpster may be necessary. The best solution is to ask your local dumpster supplier for some help and guidance in figuring out which size dumpster suits your project.



Choosing the right dumpster in the roofing profession is a little easier. Roofing material and waste is notoriously heavy so you’re restricted in the size of dumpster you can use for your project. Companies like Bin There Dump That provide a service that includes the removal of the dumpster after it’s full, but there equipment is only equipped to handle a 10 yard dumpster full of roofing waste. Some project managers are able to rent larger 15-yard dumpsters if they have their own equipment that’s capable of hauling it away – such as a Ford F-650.


Disaster Restoration

Restoring homes and business is something nobody wants to deal with, but it’s simply a part of life we have to be prepared for. In some areas, there are specialty contractors that are trained for and prepared to help out on disaster restoration projects. They will often need a quality dumpster on a moment’s notice and the best dumpster rental companies actually set aside at least 15% of their inventory towards servicing the needs of these important contractors. A typical restoration will require a large 20-yard dumpster – depending on the extensiveness of the damage the project may even require more than one dumpster.



Landscaping jobs can also vary in size, but like roofers, they’re limited in the size of dumpster they can use. All of that dirt can get quite heavy. Dumpster sizes used on landscaping projects can vary from a 4-yard dumpster all the way up to a 10-yard dumpster. If you have any doubts about the right size, it’s always better to opt with the larger choice.


Choose the Dumpster that’s Right for Your Project

The right dumpster size may vary by project, but there’s no disputing the fact that they’re a great tool on any renovation project. There’s no one right size for every project, but there is a size that’s right for each project. Choosing the right one will help your project and save you money as well.

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