"Top 5 Reasons why Contractors should recycle their left over materials and containers"

May 05, 2011
Melbourne Beach,Florida
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"Top 5 Reasons why Peck Drywall and Painting Recycles in Brevard County,Florida"

  • Recycling Saves Natural Resources - By making products from recycled materials instead of new materials, we conserve land and reduce the need to drill for oil and dig for minerals.

  • Recycling Saves Energy - It usually takes less energy to make recycled products; recycled aluminum, for example, takes 95% less energy.

  • Recycling Saves Clean Air and Water - In most cases, making products from recycled materials creates less air pollution and water pollution than making products from virgin materials.

  • Recycling Saves  Landfill Space - When the materials that you recycle go into new products, they don't go into landfills or incinerators, so landfill space is conserved.

  • Recycling Saves Money and Creates Jobs - The recycling process creates far more jobs than landfills or incinerators, and recycling can frequently be the least expensive waste management method for cities and towns.

  I alway's recycle whenever possible.  I find my self driving out of my way to recycle anything I possibly  can here in Melbourne, Florida.

Here's a few things I do.

I#1 Donate clean  five gallon buckets to a charity mission that takes them to Third world countrys where a five gallon bucket is like gold

#2 Donate left over paint to non profits in my area.

#3 Strain and reuse my paint thinners.

#4  I take all cardboard to our local drop off.

What do you Do??????



                                           Peck Drywall and  Painting cares about you and the environment!

We know that proper surface preparation and application processes help lengthen the life span of coatings, thereby reducing the frequency of repaint related emissions and waste is our goal. "Green" is not just a color. It's the ongoing initiative that describes our commitment to using environmentally preferable solutions whenever possible. Often, people worry about a coating's performance being compromised to satisfy green requirements, but our green solutions won't compromise durability. We offer a full line of interior low VOC (volatile organic compound) paints for occupied and public areas.

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  • Thumb_logo
    gajandaveabout 9 years ago

    Good enough, thank you.

  • No-avatar-62
    22 Constitutionabout 9 years ago

    Good job.

  • Thumb_avatar70379_1
    nccontractorabout 9 years ago

    Upon tearing-off aluminum or galvanized gutters and/or downspouts, they are taken to a recycling center. The standard size boxes for elbows or the 10' long downspout boxes are recycled at my supplier's facility.

    Frankly, I wish our community had a means of recycling shingle waste like many other cities and states have implemented. It is literally a huge waste dumping that material into landfills when they can be so easily recirculated into asphalt once again.

  • Thumb_john%20logo%20profile%20wrench
    JohnFRWhippleabout 9 years ago

    Thanks for doing your part! We need more contractors like you.

    We recycle all building waste we can here in Vancouver and are doing are part to help.

    I think I'll bring my magnet done to the current job site. I see about $30.00 worth of fasteners waiting to get swept away into the dump.

  • No-avatar-62
    artiospaintingabout 9 years ago

    I'm sorry to say the only time I recycle is when I dump my trash can over. or buy something recycled. God bless to you that do.

  • No-avatar-62
    JarrattPropabout 9 years ago

    We are strong believers in recycling. It is also a mantra in my own personal household. Hate to see things just dumped on the side of the road or in the landfill when our city has a very good recycling program. They even take tires.

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