Top 5 Benefits of an ICF Home

May 07, 2018
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In today’s world of rising energy costs, natural disasters, and an increased focus on sustainable construction, ICF homes are getting a lot of attention in the construction industry. Built of insulated concrete forms, these homes meet the needs of today’s homeowners and today’s builders.

If you’ve been wondering what the attraction is, take a look at the top 5 benefits of an ICF home.

Building Speed

One of the biggest advantages to builders utilizing ICF is the incredible speed at which homes and buildings can be erected. The blocks go up much faster than traditional stick-built homes. They can be designed in any style, and they aren’t subject to weather-related issues the way that stick-built homes are either. So, if weather causes a delay in building, you’re not going to find damage to repair when you return to the job.


The ease and speed with which an ICF home can be constructed also contributes to its second biggest benefit – cost. ICF homes cost less to build than traditional methods. The concrete blocks stack up quickly, which results in less man hours. There is less risk of damage to the property if sections cannot be completed before storms, and any delay will not in any way impact the integrity of the project, which means that once the storm or delay has passed, work can resume again quickly, without a lot of costly repairs or further delays.


One of the biggest advantages to an ICF home from a homeowner’s perspective is the durability. With so many homes and buildings damaged in natural disasters each year, resilient construction has taken on new meanings for many.

ICF homes are incredibly durable. The blocks don’t break or rot the way that timber will, and a home constructed of ICF will resist wind, water, impact, and other issues associated with storms and natural disasters. Because the walls of the home are being constructed from concrete, rather than timber, they’re much thicker than average, which gives further durability to the property. A home built from ICF blocks is going to last, and with no impact on style, architecture, or design, so you aren’t sacrificing anything in order to achieve a more durable home.

Energy Savings

ICF blocks are made of concrete forms that have been filled with an insulating foam. Stacked on top of one another, these forms create an incredibly tight building envelope for the home that help reduce thermal bridging. There’s far less energy transfer through the walls than in a traditionally built home. Even insulated stick-built homes often have gaps in the insulation at the point of the studs that can mean energy loss.

With an ICF home, there is no energy transfer, because there are no gaps in the insulation. The building envelope is complete, and won’t allow anything to pass through, which means that the energy you use to heat and cool your home will stay right where you want it.

Increased Comfort

Energy savings isn’t the only benefit that comes from the tighter building envelope that ICF blocks provide. An increase in interior comfort comes from the same source. With no air infiltration, an ICF home doesn’t have any drafts or cold spots, which means it’s more comfortable year-round.

At the same time, the insulating properties also extend to exterior sounds; your home will be quieter as well. And without air infiltration, your home will also contain fewer outdoor allergens as well, so everyone can be more comfortable inside.

See for Yourself

The best way to see the benefits of an ICF home is to build one for yourself. These innovative houses look like any other, but perform better, hold up longer, and cost less to build and to run. Invest in an ICF home today to reap the benefits for yourself.


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