Tips On How To Approximate The Right Garbage Bin Size For Construction Projects

February 14, 2018
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If you are planning a kitchen renovation, bathroom remodelling or any other construction project, consider renting a construction garbage bin. These are large, open-topped waste containers that are unlike traditional garbage bins in that they are not emptied into garbage tracks but are instead replaced by empty ones and the full ones ferried by special lorries to transfer stations of landfills.

The greatest benefit of bins is that their large size (up to 40 cubic yards) means they can carry more waste, reducing your garbage bin rental costs. Other benefits are that such bins are tough and durable, meaning they can take any type of debris and they are easy to handle. Given that bins vary in size from 2 cubic yard to giant 40 cubic yard roll-off bins, how do you pick the perfect size for your particular needs?


Make Daily Or Weekly Garbage Estimates

It is only when you have an idea of the quantities of waste you will be dealing with that you can pick the right waste bin. Your contractor can assist you to make this determination. Alternatively, let the project go on for a week or so to determine your garbage estimates.


Determine The Pickup Schedule

The pickup schedule will influence the size of bin to use. Once you determine your daily or weekly estimates, think about the frequency of replacement. Top garbage disposal companies like Romano Disposal Services have flexible schedules.

If you have a hard time guessing, below are the approximate equivalences of well-known sizes of wheelie bins and box trailers to guide you.

7 Cubic Yard Bin: 10ft x 7ft x 2.5ft

It is ideal for small yard cleanout jobs and the removal of clutter from a commercial location or a household.


14 Cubic Yard Bin: 12ft x 8ft 4ft

It is the most popular size and is ideal for most bathroom or kitchen renovation projects, disposal of small furniture and goods and large garden clean-out projects.


20 Cubic Yard Bin: 14ft x 8ft x 5ft

It is ideal for large junk items such as long sofas, large home appliances like fridges, and complete yard cleanouts. Also would fit for large renovations, demolitions and construction projects.


40 Cubic Yard Bin: 20ft x 8 ft x 8ft

It is ideal for major garden overhauls and new building and/or home addition constructions.


Go One Size Bigger Than You Require

Once you’ve determined the size of garbage bin you require, you should go for one that is at least one size bigger. This is because, in most cleanout, renovation, and construction projects, there is always the risk of generating more waste than anticipated. The little extra you pay for bin rental one size larger far outweighs the cost of ordering a new one when your old one fills up.

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