The Basic Tools Every Contractor Should Have in Their Tool Kits

June 26, 2019
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As a contractor, you need to be prepared for as many situations as possible to do your best at each jobsite. Unsurprisingly, just learning how to read a tape measure isn't going to cut it. Just as having the knowledge and problem-solving skills is mandatory, having the right tools to perform your work is essential for success. While there can never be a comprehensive list of every tool needed to handle all aspects of contracting and guides to construction measuring tools, comparisons, etc, having the following basic tools in your tool kit can make you a versatile contractor ready for most jobs.


Carpentry is essential to all types of contractual work due to the structures that must be modified for all building materials. 

- Clawhammer
- Corded/Cordless Power Tools (i.e. drill, circular saw, nail gun)
- Saw Horses
- Clamps
Choose a Level for Masons
- Framing Square
- Screwdrivers (flathead, Phillips head, etc.)
- Ladder (single pole, extension ladders)


Plumbing elements can become involved with all sorts of projects, even when not expected.

- Pipe Cutters
- Level (laser or bubble)
- Hacksaw
- Pipe Wrench
- Thread Sealants (teflon tape, sealing compound)


Dealing with electricity is always part of a contractor’s work, even if this means power tools and lighting. Subsequently, the ability to work safely with electricity is a must with the following tools:

- Electrical Multimeter
- Electrical Tape
- Hardware (Wire of various gauges, nuts, connectors, crimps)
- Soldering Iron
- Wire Strippers (with crimping capabilities)


Staying safe is essential for all contractors, whether this means preserving the structure, calling for emergencies, or preventing bodily harm.

- Communication Device (Cell Phone, 2-Way Radio, etc.)
- Fire Extinguisher (up to date)
- First Aid Kit
- Personal Protective Equipment (i.e. gloves, hard hats, ear plugs, safety goggles)
- Safety cones/markers


- Paintbrushes
Wide Blade
- Tarps/Clothes
- Heat Gun
- Ladders
- Paint Thinning and Cleanup Wares
Steel Long Tapes
- Rags
- Roller Kit
- Adhesives (pool table repair, etc.)
Pocket Rods
- Wire Brushes
- Spackle Knives 
Diameter Tapes
- Sanding Equipment (sand paper, powered sander)

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