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    Don’t let the tale wag the dog. Don’t spend money you don’t have!

    Letting “The tale wag the dog” is an expression which refers to someone allowing their hopes and dreams to dictate their decisions.  It can also be called “getting in over your head”, or just let’s plain call it what it is… Don’t spend money you don’t have (yet). There is definetly something... Read More

    by Grumpy on May 01, 2011Comments (4)
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    Ready for May 2011 - A Naperville & Chicago area painters blog

    Hi.  I plan to use this as my chance to occasionally share my views on the painting business.  This is written for customers, do it yourself homeowners, and customers.  So this has been a miserable April. unless you're a duck  Cold weather plus rain.  An exterior painter's nighhtmare.  To be safe you need the ... Read More

    by Your Painters on April 30, 2011Comments (3)
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    How much should I charge?

    I'm asked all the time by colleagues what they should charge to replace a roof.  Really I couldn’t give him the answer of what HE should charge. I do know what I would charge, I also know what many of my competitors are charging.  But our prices are meaningless to his question.  Be very careful of the “going rate&... Read More

    by Grumpy on April 30, 2011Comments (3)
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    How to pay a salesman?

    So you are considering hiring someone to sell for your business? You’re not sure how they should be compensated? Asking how to compensate a sales rep is something many contractors have asked me time and time again. The way I see it: It can be done one of three ways. 1) Commission (net sale) only.2) Profit sharing (gross profit).3) Salary ... Read More

    by Grumpy on April 30, 2011Comments (0)
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    Chinese Drywall here in Brevard County, Florida

    I have seen numerous homes affected by Chinese Drywall here in Brevard County, Florida. Also, Orange County, Volusia county and Indian River County as well. There are some simple tests that can performed if you suspect that your potential clients home or business has Chinese drywall, we are prepared to perform a few checks as recommended by... Read More

    by Sir Mixalot on April 29, 2011Comments (3)
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    Revise Your Business Plan: In a Down Economy Create a Growth Strategy to Remain Relevant

    REVISE YOUR BUSINESS PLAN: IN A DOWNECONOMY CREATE A GROWTH STRATEGY TO REMAIN RELEVANT In today’s “new” economy, the old ways of running a company have become obsolete and a new growth strategy is required.  This means going back to something often overlooked by businesses…a solid business plan.  If yourcompa... Read More

    by Doctor Drywall on April 29, 2011Comments (0)
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    Quality, Service or Low Price; Pick two.

    Have you ever heard “You can have a quality job, great service or low price; but pick only two.”? That’s something I have heard many years ago from a colleague and have repeated it several times when explaining to my customers why my pricing was higher than the competitors.  In this case I was justifying my business mode... Read More

    by Grumpy on April 28, 2011Comments (7)
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    WIndow and door flashing

      My business has transitioned from cabinets and built-ins to include wood rot repair and exterior trim repair and replacement. Over the past few years I have begun to realize that a good number of my wood rot jobs are a result of poorly flashed windows and doors to no flashing at all. My question to you all is. Do you know of a source ie.... Read More

    by PapaMike on April 28, 2011Comments (3)
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    Free Advice Makes Me Nervous

    I get lots of emails asking for structural advice - which is great - I welcome them. However, it’s hard for me to offer detailed advice without having seen a drawing or plan.  Everyone, myself included, likes free advice. We all have nagging questions about things in which we are not experts. Things that if we guess wrong will cost u... Read More

    by Tim Garrison PE on April 28, 2011Comments (3)
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    Making collections a matter of fact…

    If you’re anything like me you hate making those calls to collect past due balances. I spend alot of time with each customer building raport and getting to know them, that when the time comes I have an emotional connection. Then, when the collections don’t get made the situation can boil over and the stuff can really hit the f... Read More

    by Grumpy on April 28, 2011Comments (6)
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