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    Triple Glazing vs. Double Glazing - is it really worth upgrading?

    For years, double glazing has been the industry standard for noise reduction, thermal insulation, and security - in other words, everything you want from a window. But as the demand for energy efficiency in new buildings increases, and new legislation comes into place, a new contender has entered the arena: triple glazing. For many, this is a s... Read More

    by Cantifix on June 27, 2018Comments (0)
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    How to Maximize the Value of a Small Bathroom

    In life, sometimes, we simply have to make due with personal circumstances in and outside of the home. If your living with one or more small bathrooms, you’re already familiar with this sentiment, especially if you don’t have the funds for a transformative remodel. Luckily, there are numerous aesthetic and functional changes you can... Read More

    by kevinmckenzie on June 13, 2018Comments (0)
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    How to Plan an Eco-Friendly Move

    As household appliances and technologies have grown more sophisticated, their construction processes have become increasingly complex, meaning a larger variety of manufacturing materials with a wider variance of biodegradability and eco-friendliness. As such, the average person must be more attentive to their e-waste disposal practices to reduce... Read More

    by kevinmckenzie on June 11, 2018Comments (0)
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    7 Different Types Of Glass In Construction: Explained

    Glass has been used as material in construction for thousands of years, and over the centuries the place of glass in the way we build has changed dramatically. This is largely down to the fact that the technology available to us has developed, and the ways we produce glass have evolved. There are many types of glass available to contractors and... Read More

    by Cantifix on May 29, 2018Comments (0)
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    Stilts and Work Safety

        Drywall Stilts and Work Safety.     Murwall's plasterer have receive their training on the use and maintenance of stilts.   Stilts must be used with proper training and workers must complete practical experience in the use of stilts . Murwall's plasterers stilts are from a recogniz... Read More

    by Murwall on May 27, 2018Comments (0)
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    Five Costly Home Improvement Errors to Avoid

    Unless your home renovation plan consists entirely of small, cosmetic updates, odds are that you’ll plunk down quite a bit for the remodel you envision. Home improvement carries high financial stakes, so the last thing you want to inflict is an unforced error that further adds to the final price. Unfortunately, this is an all-too-common o... Read More

    by kevinmckenzie on May 23, 2018Comments (0)
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    5 Important Considerations When Installing Slot Drains in Industrial Buildings

    It is a given that a proper, well-functioning drainage system is an essential part of any commercial business. Whether you are doing contract work for a meat processing facility, a brewery, or even a farm, you want to give your client the best drainage system you can. Without a doubt, you should be considering a Slot Drain drainage system. The u... Read More

    by lge77 on May 17, 2018Comments (0)
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    5 Advantages of Steel Log Siding

    One of the most important parts of building a home or redoing a home is the quality of your house siding. There are so many varieties to choose from that your client can virtually have any look they want. One of the most popular options that are taking the industry by storm is the steel log siding. This siding has a variety of benefits that make... Read More

    by lge77 on May 11, 2018Comments (1)
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    Stone Accent Wall Installation Tips

    Typically, when you buy a home you live there for many years. It could be ten years or even 40 years depending on where you’re at and what happens. As you live in your home and spend a lot of time there, you can start to get bored with the décor or style you currently have. What you like now will change and you may be considering in... Read More

    by lge77 on May 11, 2018Comments (0)
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    5 Common House Wrap Mistakes Contractors Make

     One of the main factors in eco-friendly construction nowadays is to make sure that moisture buildup is taken care of. That is done through the utilization of a building wrap. Every year, homes are having to get new siding, replacing doors or windows, etc. and this is the prime time for you as a construction leader to check the areas behind... Read More

    by lge77 on May 11, 2018Comments (0)
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