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    Will Green Keep You Out of the Red?

    There is an underserviced niche in my market area that has proven to be very lucrative to me. While I am very sure it is different from area to area and in different regions across the country, here in Western New York the whole push to the Green movement and environmental friendliness was slow to really catch on and while it has begun to get re... Read More

    by ReubenD on July 28, 2014Comments (0)
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    Universal Home Design

    Universal home design is the design of products and environments to be usable by all people, to the greatest extent possible, without the need for adaptation or specialized design. The concept is all about creating an attractive, stylish space that everyone (regardless of age, size, or ability) can live in or visit. A home that is designed unive... Read More

    by mdvremodeling on August 04, 2014Comments (0)
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    Green Building Tips for Home or Office

    It’s been a while since we’ve talked about it here on our blog, so for today’s blog post we wanted to offer up some tips on Green Building. Read on for our Top 5 Green Building Tips for Home or Office: 1. Although they are a great substitution for the interior lighting in your home, compact fluorescent lights (CFLs) are unfort... Read More

    by mdvremodeling on July 31, 2014Comments (0)
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    You Have Fewer Website Visits Than You Think You Do

    It's tough to make good decisions with bad data.Most business owners use Google Analytics to track their website activity, but they don't set things up correctly. As a result, they have WAY less website traffic than they think they do. This leads to bad decisions.If you're going to use Google Analytics to see what's happening on your website, do... Read More

    by BenLanders on August 03, 2014Comments (0)
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    How to Maximize Your ROI with a Finished Basement

    Home improvements are usually done to increase your home satisfaction, but unless you plan on living in the same house forever, you should also consider how they affect your home’s overall value. Finishing your basement can yield up to a 70% return on your investment (ROI) at resale according to Remodeling Magazine’s 2013 Cost vs. Va... Read More

    by mdvremodeling on July 31, 2014Comments (0)
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    Basement Options, Part 2: Ceilings

    Welcome back for the second part of our three-part series on basement options! Like we said in Part 1 of the series, we know that there are many decisions that go into refinishing or remodeling a basement. Some of those decisions will be based solely on the needs and wants of the homeowner having the work done. Others are decisions tha... Read More

    by mdvremodeling on August 13, 2014Comments (0)
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    How to Find a Reliable Sub Contractor When You're Stuck On a Construction Job

    If you know you won't finish a project by the deadline, or if something's happened on-site to slow your progress, it may be time to bring in a subcontractor. Another pair of hands will help you wrap things up in a punctual fashion. But how can you find a reliable subcontractor in a sea of the unlicensed and untrained? Here are just a few tips fo... Read More

    by Constructive on August 04, 2014Comments (0)
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    Selecting a Painting Contractor in Nj

    It can be a bit annoying when selecting a Painting contractor to paint your home. There are many fly by nights and lowballers out there or "hacks" as us professional painting contractors refer to them as. If you follow a few simple rules it can go along way.First, whoever you decide to get an  estimate from should possess a NJ contractors l... Read More

    by libbycop on April 28, 2014Comments (0)
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    Galley Kitchen Remodeling

    In general, galley kitchens are found in smaller spaces, which can be a great benefit to anyone involved in cooking or food preparation when space is an issue. In galley kitchen design, the “workflow triangle,” which co-locates the refrigerator, stove and sink, offers maximum efficiency with minimal steps between the various componen... Read More

    by mdvremodeling on August 18, 2014Comments (0)
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