Selecting a Painting Contractor in Nj

April 28, 2014
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It can be a bit annoying when selecting a Painting contractor to paint your home. There are many fly by nights and lowballers out there or "hacks" as us professional painting contractors refer to them as. If you follow a few simple rules it can go along way.

First, whoever you decide to get an  estimate from should possess a NJ contractors license#. The number should always start with 13V and go from there.This is commonly referred to as a Home Improvement registration number issues by the state of NJ. You can verify the number along with the business registration at the NJ Division of Consumer Affairs website. Nj requires all painting contractors to have this number on any paperwork they have including business cards.

secondly, make sure anyone doing work on your home is insured with a minimum of at least 1,000,000 liability coverage and have the painting contractor present you with a certificate of Insurance to prove it. Now anyone can forge these so its a good idea to call the insurance company listed direct and verify coverage.

Third, make sure you get a clearly written estimate detailing all the prep work in the areas that are being painted. A professional painting contractor such as Dunrite Property Services would never write a price on the back of a business card and pass it off as an estimate.

Fourth, make sure the painting estimate has a pricing schedule spelled out with a tentative start date. Ask the painting contractor if the estimate if agreed upon would serve as the contract. If it does the 3 day Federal cancellation recission law is required to spelled out on all NJ contracts.

Lastly, ask the painting contarctor for references and check around on your own before making a decision.

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