Rotten Onions Reminded Me of Business

July 05, 2011
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Rotten Onions Reminded Me of Business

As I opened the bag that contained onions I retrieved from the pantry, the foul smell immediately told me I had a problem. There were 5 onions in the bag. Two were perfectly fine, the other three were not. Why were three of the onions rotten while two were fine? I know why, and there is actually a business lesson in the reason for it.

When you buy onions in the store, they always come in a netted bag. I have never seen onions sold in a plastic bag. There is a reason for that. Some time long ago, they discovered how to package onions so they would keep longer.

The problem with my onions is they were stored in the plastic shopping bag they were placed in at the store to bring them home in. The bag was partially open allowing two of the onions to breathe while the other three were suffocating.

When you analyze this problem, I was storing the onions contrary to the wisdom of the people who packed them. I can get away with that for a short time, but had the onions been there much longer I would have had a more serious problem.

Do we ever do the same thing in business? With all the business and marketing knowledge out there, we have the ability to know what does and does not work. There is no need to put our business onions in a plastic bag when it has already been proven they will rot faster.

There are people on here who hand out sound business advice. At the same time, I also see many members here who either don't believe the experts, or they insist on putting their onions in a plastic bag because they haven't tried it long enough to find out how rotten they will get.

In my time of owning and operating a small custom carpentry and remodeling business here in Pennsylvania, one of my greatest discoveries is that I am not a business and marketing expert. To overcome that, I need to hire and listen to people who are.

If you're struggling in business, maybe you need to be sure your onions are stored properly.

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