Roof Maintenance Tips Every Homeowner Should Know

March 12, 2018
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Being exposed to the different weather conditions throughout the year, it is no surprise that the roof of your house needs regular attention and maintenance. When was the last time you inspected the roof of your house? If your answer is long ago, you might need to go up there and inspect for problems. Roof Maintenance is highly important because of the speed with which even the slightest damage can ruin the condition of the complete structure of your house. Hence, it is imperative that you pay attention to the roof of your house and keep a check on its condition now and then. The good news, however, is that it is not that difficult to address the small problems that come up in the structure and by addressing these problems promptly you can prolong the life of the roof.

Here’s a list of tips from Severe Weather Roofing, a local Colorado roofing contractor servicing Fort Collins, Loveland, Boulder and Denver roofing clients.

Tips for Maintaining the Condition of your Roof

1. Inspection

The first tip is to regularly inspect the house which is necessary for maintaining the condition of the roof of your house. By regular inspection, we do not mean every other day or week; it just reflects the importance of inspecting the condition before the start of spring and fall. Doing an inspection twice a year can help you extend the shake shingle roof life. During the inspection, you should pay attention to:

- Any missing shingles

- Granule loss over asphalt shingles

- Condition of gutters

- Untrimmed Branches

- Presence of Debris

2. Repairing

Once you have performed a thorough inspection, it is important for you to fix any problems that you have identified regarding the shingles of the roof. This means, replacing the missing shingles if any, as well as, fixing and sealing any crack that might have appeared on the surface of the roof. It is also imperative to give a great deal of attention to the granule loss over asphalt shingles because this loss will harm the roof of your house by exposing the asphalt to harmful UV rays. Hence, if you find any missing granules, fix them before the damage becomes serious.

3. Cleaning

The next step is to ask a professional to clean the gutters if you find any blockage in the gutters. This is because if there remains a blockage in the gutters for a long period, the roof of the house can get damaged due to the water being raised. Also, when washing the roof, it is essential that you do not do so with a power wash and let the professionals use the power washing method instead. For your cleaning purposes, use a different method since power washing can greatly damage the granules on the roof.

4. Insulation

While performing regular maintenance, go back and check the condition of insulation in the attic. If the insulation needs to be addressed, ask a professional to come in and fix the problem. Proper insulation, along with the best type of roof underlayment will help you avoid formulation of ice dams and will save your energy costs.

It's important to choose insulation that is long lasting and will meet building codes for the best performance results for your roof. Many builders and roofing contractors today recommend using a polyiso roof insulation for the best energy efficiency performance possible. 

5. Trimming

Once you have taken care of all the steps mentioned above, trim any branches that hang over the roof of your house. This will help you avoid the possibility of having squirrels and other animals on the roof. Remove all the debris found on the roof. Furthermore, if you find moss or algae growing on the surface, address this problem right away to avoid further damages.

Use all these tips to keep the roof of your house spick and span, and enjoy a well-kept roof over your head for a long period.


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