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May 14, 2015
by gfs
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I've worked as a flooring contractor since I was 16 years old, starting out as an apprentice and working my way up til I was in a position to start my own company, Glasgow Flooring Services. It took a lot of hard work, but it was worth it. I think the main reason that I stuck at it and went the distance is that I genuinley enjoy my job. I still get a great sense of satisfaction when I step back from a finished job and take a look at my work, and I hope the rest of you guys out there feel the same yourselves.

My need to build things, or make things look better has always been a part of me, and as I've got older, it has branched out from making floors look pretty. Undertaking some DIY is such a great pleasure for me - and I'm getting into everything! Carpentry, tiling, fitting a kitchen and I even got involved in a little interior design with the wife.

I'm new to the Contractor Talk site, but I haven't really been off of it since I stumbled across it. This is a great place where I can find some great tips on improving myself as a DIYer. Obviously my trade and natural  attention to such things come in handy, but it's been great to read about what you guys have been up to and seeing how you do things.

I've wanted to take my DIYing to the next level, and essentially start renovating my home. Not only will this feed my need for DIY, but according to the internet, it can greatly increase the value of my home with the correct additions.

I've been having a look around this site and have came across a few blogs which I think I'm going to be getting stuck into and taking a lead from. I'll be starting with the kitchen (again) as that is what the wife wants (obviously) I found this blog about remodelling your kitchen to be a great source of advice. You should check it out if you are doing the same.

Next I'll be moving outside - the dreaded garden, or as I call it 'the barbeque section' We don't get much good weather here in Scotland, but when we do, we take full advantage. So, it makes sense for us to have a fine looking garden. The post about converting your garden has some great stuff in it - so good it's a 2 parter!

That is what is in the pipeline for the moment, but I'll be getting more work done as time goes by. What do you guys recommmend working on next? While the wife will have a say in the matter, I'm more interested in increasing the value of my home. I was thinking about an extension to the side of the house. 

But, of course we will have to wait until I've finished on these endeavours before I start on the next (and after I save up some more money of course!)

So, fully looking forward to these projects. And I hope the fact that you guys spend your working days in your respective trades isn't putting you off improving your own abode.


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