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April 30, 2011
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Hi.  I plan to use this as my chance to occasionally share my views on the painting business.  This is written for customers, do it yourself homeowners, and customers. 

So this has been a miserable April. unless you're a duck  Cold weather plus rain.  An exterior painter's nighhtmare.  To be safe you need the temperature to remain above 40 degrees over night when painting outside.  And you definitely need a dry surface.  I find that many customers are under the (mistaken) belief that a strong power washing is the right way to start any exterior job.  Not so fast.  A common mistake is to blast your way to poor results.  Angle, PSI (pounds per square inch), and area being painted should all be carefully considered before launching into power spray mode. 

I'm the first to admit that power washing is fun, but remember that water trapped under a paint job is a ticket to a paint job that won't last.  If you must power wash plan on letting cedar siding dry for at least a week.  A deck should dry for 3 days assuming it gets sun.  A better idea (more work, hence often skipped in favor of power washing) is to clean the surfaces with TSP (Tri sodium phosphate) and a good mildewcide/moldicide.  In these parts it's common to find mold growing on the north side of structures.   

Well my kids are getting a little loud downstairs so I'll be back when I have a minute.

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  • Thumb_ct_hhat
    Nathanalmost 9 years ago

    Soon will have blogs as well and writing to homeowners will be a better fit.

  • No-avatar-62
    artiospaintingalmost 9 years ago

    ive been painting for 30 year 50 degree 24 hr 1 day time to paint.I mostly use 0 degree rotating tip. learn how to work it. knock of loose paint dont use it to strip. a clean surface is the most important thing for paint to last. new lead law dont allow power washing any way. if you spray 3000 psi over surface in a split second what make you think your going to git more water under the wood than a garden hows at 600 psi on the same spot scubaing 600 psi still plenty pressure to go up under the wood ive tore wood of home just to look and tried to force water up there. little to nothing for damp 600 psi garden hous sowked. another thing if a house drys out in 24 hr. after siting all winter what makes you thing you nead 7 day in the hot summer. whan you start credasising[ps i know your not cridasising but others have] my work has been proven to last 8 to 10 years.also in the ill. area. ifyou came up with your conclushion from lesoning from other now it alls then sit there for that perfic day to paint. ill paint 25 home to your 2. now if by chance i have a faler ill fix it. proving in about 20 minites. the houl job wont fale.

  • No-avatar-62
    artiospaintingalmost 9 years ago

    accidentally submitted bear my spelling last comment I Wasn't trying to be cocky just telling you a lot of what you hear just penalizes you. To not get your job dun. example when its really hot paint wont stick well to the house and peals the next year blamed on moister so how do you cool your house down. spray the house with water ow ow the house is wet. latex paint will absorb the Moister how do you paint cement block fast mist it with water. The water will pull it in.triple your time.

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