Pressure Washing as part of Exterior Painting Prep

May 10, 2014
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One of the most overlooked yet ver important step as part of an Exterior Painting projects prep is Power washing the house. Most contractors either overlook this step or simply ignore it.

Dunrite Property Services in NJ pressure washes every exterior home or commercial building as partg of the painting process.We use a soft wash application which ensures no damage the siding, windoes or trim.It is critical to remove all dirt, mildew and algae and have a clean pre painted surface. this includes decks also

The softwash application can be done first if no sanding is involved or immediatedly following any sanding to remove dust. It is important to let the house dry out prior to priming or painting.

For further information on our services check us out at

or call or text anytime at 908-705-2999

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