Medical Practice Renovation Process

December 22, 2017
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The space of a medical office needs to be fitted out in such a way that it allows optimal working conditions while at the same time being conducive to the patients paying visits to the physician at hand. As a doctor, it is highly crucial that you ensure the space you are operating in is relaxing and stress-free for all its occupants, including yourself. Optimizing the space you are using means ensuring all the equipment is set up the right way so that you do not waste time moving back and forth. It also means having sitting space for patients, where they can comfortably sit as they wait to be attended to.

If you have been worried that your office space does not align well with your vision as a doctor, a medical office renovation is necessary.

Medical office renovations are one of the most effective solutions to your situation. Renovations in your medical office could be motivated by a number of factors that doctors find themselves dealing with once they set up practice.

Consider renovating your medical office if you:

  • Are attracting a higher number of patients than your offices can serve
  • Have increased your staff number but are still using the same space
  • Are planning to offer more services than what you have been offering
  • Think the office is looking older and needs a facelift
  • Have equipment that is outdated, and you need installation of upgraded equipment
  • Are experiencing leakages and general plumbing problems frequently, thus affecting your hygiene maintenance and safety
  • Want to change the office plan, to have a more improved design, etc

When embarking on the renovation of your healthcare facility, it is important to set some goals which your project can be aimed towards. Examples of possible goals include:

  • Increase office capacity to solve more health issues and grow with the community’s health care needs
  • Attract new and better medical specialists
  • Create an exterior reflective of high-quality care
  • Increase patients’ privacy, comfort, and total experience
  • Add accommodation and amenities for families and visitors
  • Create a relieving, warm and welcoming environment for patients among others

If you want to achieve all of the above goals, you will have to put into consideration a few basics to start with, to plan your new space to ensure a successful model. These basics are:

Create A Cozy Waiting Area

The waiting area is critical to affecting the credit of the hospital. As much as you wish to minimize the waiting period as much as possible, some medical procedures are long and families or caregivers will have to wait. Have cozy chairs, warm carpets, relaxing colors, music and also Wi-Fi access.

Update Medical Equipment

This ensures you give faster healthcare and maintain accurate records while still adhering to government regulations.

Maximize Exam Room Comfort

Have soothing colors on the walls and comfortable chairs to induce calmness in patients.

Streamline Checkout

Patients are always anxious to get home after appointments, so make check out easy by improving the payment methods to avoid stressing the patient.

Privacy And Safety

Both patient and staff safety is important. Have a logical storage system, make sure equipment is at the right place and access is easy. To improve privacy, let consultation and exam rooms be separate.

When renovations are being done, there are two sensitive areas that are always underestimated – bathroom and kitchen.

Bathroom renovations should be one of the key aspects of your office renovation. Bathrooms are used by different patients with a lot of different illnesses. If the flushing and disinfecting mechanisms are not working, patients may transmit diseases to others. Make sure the bathroom is up to standard with proper working mechanisms.

If there are admissions (for example in general hospitals), the kitchen serves the patients with food. The food must be cooked with utmost hygiene, so as to give best health care to your patients. To achieve all that, you need to make sure old sinks are replaced with nun-rusty sinks. Install good working tops, and make sure you have new cooking systems in place. In general, install modern kitchen features to replace your old kitchen's fixtures.

If you are about to get started on your medical office renovation, do your research well so that you have your goals, a project plan (which should include milestones and timelines) and the right contractor for the job. This will ease your mind during the entire project as you know what to expect, and when. 



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