Landscaping Design Trends Most Contractors Miss

August 23, 2018
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If you work as a landscaper, then you know just how important it is to be aware of current design trends. In this article, you’re going to learn about some of the current trends in landscaping design that most contractors, for whatever reason, tend to miss or forget about.

Perhaps, few of these trends will be applicable to you and your business, because they are more specific to a particular climate. Nevertheless, it’s important to understand the marketplace, and we know you’ll gain a greater understanding of the current trends by reading this article.

Now, let’s begin!

Wooden Pool Decks

More and more families are looking for homes with composite decks. Why is this? Well, little kids tend to slip and fall when getting out of the pool, and landing on concrete is never a fun experience. Wood isn’t much different, but it is quite a bit softer, which means that there’s a smaller risk of a child getting seriously hurt if they slip and fall while getting out of the pool.

If you live in a place like Arizona, where it’s really hot, then this is probably quite a bit more applicable, since more people, in those areas, want nice pools.

High-Quality Residential And Landscape Drainage Systems

The two most popular types of drainage systems are residential drainage systems and landscape or patio drainage systems. They are incredibly durable and sustainable, and they require very little maintenance, which is why they are becoming so popular.

It’s best to familiarize yourself with the advancements in these particular technologies, and how they work, because they are VERY popular.

Outdoor Spaces

More and more people are seeking a synergy between the indoors and outdoors, and looking to blend the two kinds of spaces to create something that feels very natural and holistic.

This is why things like outdoor patios and outdoor decks are becoming so popular, and this is also why high-quality outdoor wood flooring is in high-demand. If you want to tap into this current market, then it is wise to familiarize yourself with the current outdoor decking styles and the types of outdoor spaces that are trending.

Beautiful Gardens

You could argue that this has always been a trend, but since outdoor spaces have become so popular, it seems if having a beautiful garden is now even more popular. Especially since they don’t require many landscaping tools, nor are they very expensive to create and maintain.

For most people, a “beautiful garden” is a place with colorful flowers, elegant plants, and a sense of peace and abundance. It isn’t very hard to create a garden such as that, but they are in high-demand right now, as people attempt to move away from the overly industrial styles of the past.

Being Environmentally Friendly

In keeping with the trend of synergy between the artificial and the natural, customers are demanding that their landscapes be environmentally friendly and low maintenance. People want to see things like trees and vegetation, but they also want the more “artificial” components of their landscape to be made of recycled materials, which creates a wonderful fusion of the natural and the artificial. To top it all off, install low maintenance fencing to keep the landscape safe and maintained.


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  • Thumb_flashwebcoverphoto
    flashheatingandover 1 year ago

    Maybe something about plants that require minimal watering and/ or maintenence?

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