Investing in the Right Gear

August 27, 2019
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As a tradesman, you will always be fighting a battle between expenses and having quality equipment to allow you to the job at hand. While going on the cheap route might save you in the short term, we all know that it’s better to spend £100 on a quality set of screwdrivers, rather than going through 5 packs of £30 screwdrivers over the course of a year. When it comes to investing in quality, there are a few pointers that can help you get the most bang for your buck, which we are going to go into detail on today.

Quality Tools that Last

It is the best investment you can make within any trade. Good quality tools will last you a lifetime, and help you get the job done properly are a must. The investment you make now will always benefit you in the long-term. It's important to keep your equipment insured as well. Losing money on tools that you need as part of your day to day job can be very demoralising. Use the contractor forums online to get recommendations from people with experience in the same field.

Transporting them Appropriately

Having great tools is one thing, but if they’re rattling about in the back of the van, they aren’t going to last very well. Invest in a quality hold-all to ensure all your gear reaches the job in safety. There are some great wheeled units on the market that make transporting equipment all the easier, and they help you to remain focussed on the job at hand.

The Right Kind of Vehicle

Many tradesmen will have a truck or van to get them from A to B. A rugged vehicle is naturally, the right choice. There are modifications you can make to accommodate your valuable equipment and ensure that it gets the treatment it deserves, even when in transit. Have a look at some of the racks and compartments that are available on the market to find a solution that suits you. It’s also important to remember not to store tools in a vehicle overnight if you can, as tradesmen are prone to robbery in this way.

Taking Advice from the Experts

We mentioned earlier the value of utilising forums for advice on what brands to buy from when sourcing quality equipment. There really is no understating the value of the resources online that can help you not only through the buying process, but also best practice and research. If you take the time to expand your knowledge, it will only come to benefit you in the long term. Different people will have different preferences with regards to brands and the like, but you can work to form your own opinion on sound advice.

Through online shopping and the like, there are more tools and types of gear available to the average tradesman than ever before. Unfortunately, the downside to this is that a lot of poor-quality stuff has flooded the market at mark-down prices. In building up your own knowledge set, you can guarantee that you will have a set of equipment that will get the job done for years to come.

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