How to Pick the Right Home Remodeler

July 24, 2017
Chicago, Illinois
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Choosing the right remodeler is extremely important because you’re trusting them to care for you and your family’s most crucial asset: your home. Without proper vetting, your search for the perfect home remodeler won’t amount to anything more than a tiresome cycle of trial and error informed by stressful guesswork. To help you take full control of your upcoming renovation project while protecting yourself from the shady companies that dot the fringe of the industry, here are several tips to consider while searching for your perfect contractor:


Take Time to Read Online Reviews

The beauty of the internet is that it only takes ten to fifteen minutes to get a decent sense for your target remodeler’s reputation. Regardless of whether you’re looking for a window replacement expert in Beverly Hills or the most affordable Lubbock bathroom remodel company, any contractor that champions their reputation should be more than willing to post customer testimonials of past project successes. In fact, the most reputable companies will go even further by posting less-than-glowing reviews to demonstrate their accountability and dedication to consistent improvement.

As you review your target remodelers, make sure to thoroughly look over their respective websites, as well as popular consumer review organizations, like HomeAdvisor, GuildQuality, and the Better Business Bureau.


Shy Away From Subcontractors

How would you feel, after doing hours of research to discover your perfect home remodeler, if you found out the day of your project that that same company outsources their installation services? This is too often the case when less-reputable remodeling companies are stretched thin. It may seem like a harmless way for an up-and-coming remodeler to circumvent a common operational issue, but relying on subcontractors is very risky since there’s no way for you to verify how experienced or trustworthy your crew is.

It’s best to hire a home remodeler that provides continuous, in-house training to their installation crews, especially if they offer exclusive product lines with unique technical specs that aren’t replicated across their competitors. Otherwise, you risk tacking on periodic maintenance fees to your initial renovation investment because of improper installation practices.


Check for Insurance and Accreditation

Unfortunately, the home remodeling industry is no stranger to fly-by-night companies. High-stakes structural work to a home, like replacing an entire property’s worth of windows, requires a certified and experienced professional—not just a local handyman. Only the most reputable remodeling companies will be fully insured and prepared to provide supporting documentation upon request, so take advantage! Also, take the opportunity to inquire about any industry certifications your target remodeler may have.

These accreditations may be local, like membership through the local Chamber of Commerce, or designations from national entities like the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB). Not every home remodeler will have the same slate of professional decorations, but the important thing is that they do and that they’re from reputable industry organizations.


Inspect Before You Invest

Faulty, sub-standard home products come in all shapes, sizes, and from all over. It’s key to take extra steps to ensure that you’re not investing in cheap fixtures that are built overseas and require repair almost immediately. Ask each of your target contractors to provide samples or product demonstrations of the home items you’re considering having installed. This is especially true for fixtures that serve as a gateway between your home’s exterior and interior, such as a new roof, windows, or siding. These products serve as a barrier between your household and the elements, so they need to be strong enough for the task!


Organizing a home remodel, alone, can seem like a daunting task, even more so when you factor in all the research that goes into properly vetting your desired renovation company. However, it helps to boil your contractor search down to a few basic questions.

Does my target renovator value transparent service quality? Are they committed to constantly improving their business model? What types of products do they hope to sell me?

Your research on these three basic questions will spin off in numerous ways, but always keep these baseline inquiries in mind; even go so far as to ask your project manager them directly during your in-home consultation. There is no one step you can take to ensure that you hire the best home remodeler—only a process. You get out what you put in, so get out there and start asking the questions that will show you which remodeler to bring home.

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