How to Install Stone Veneers on Preformed Concrete Walls

July 27, 2018
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A stone veneer is a great addition to any home or business. They can be placed in a living room area to accent the family room, in a master bedroom or for modern stone showers as part of the overall décor. Stone veneer panels are beautiful and can be any type of rock or stone you would like to use. They are easy to do it yourself, especially when you’re working with a preformed concrete wall.

Whether you’re trying to install stone veneer for a home’s interior or stone veneer panels for exterior, here are some installation tips that you could use to make sure you’re doing things right.


You’ll need to get a bonding agent, roller, the stones you want and the grout you’d like to use ahead of time so that you’re prepared for the job. By getting your supplies ahead of time, you avoid any unnecessary delays in the process

Clean Area

Make sure the concrete area you’re working with is clean and free of debris. This will make the following steps much easier to deal with if you start with a clean surface. Typically, just wiping the wall down with a damp rag will help you to get a surface ready for your exterior stone veneer wall or accent wall. Once it is clean and ready to go, then you can follow the next steps.

Bonding Agent

You will need to have a bonding agent to apply to your preformed concrete wall. You can use something similar to Quickrete that will help you to adhere the stones to the wall itself. Your concrete wall is already smooth and flat, so this should be a simple process. Apply the bonding agent to the preformed concrete wall according to the specifications of your bonding agent. Not adhering to those requirements can cause you to have problems down the road.

Lay Out the Stones

As you prepare to install the stone wall, be sure to lay out the stones near where you are working. This will help you to visualize patterns, colors, and how you want to actually apply the stone to your preformed concrete wall. You want your stones on the exterior stone wall or an accent wall to be as close as they possibly can. By laying them out beforehand you can get an idea of how they fit together and what pattern you wish to use.


Make sure to mix the mortar to the specifications on the container. Add a layer to the corners to set your cornerstones in place. Once those are set, then you’ll use the trowel to spread a 10-square foot area of mortar to place your stones. You’ll need a ½ inch thick layer of mortar to hold your stones. Don’t put too much on at one time as it can dry out and start to set before you get your stones placed. Once you’ve pushed the stones into the mortar in that one section, move to the next section.

After around 30 minutes of the product setting, go back and adjust/push the stones deeper into the mortar. This will help them set in properly and firmly. Make sure to read all instructions as some of the stones out there will require sealing once the mortar has finished setting. If so, then do not forget this layer before you sit back and enjoy your stone wall veneer panels.

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