How to Create an Organized Garage

May 29, 2019
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The garage of the home can be one of the most disorganized areas within your dwelling. It is not uncommon for a garage to be filled with bikes and yard equipment, toys, holiday decorations and so much more. As the homeowner, the clutter can quickly become overwhelming. What do you do? How do you tackle the space and make it more organized?

Hang Everything You Can

Start by looking at what you can get off the floor and hang up. Many of your household items that are used infrequently can be hung on the wall. Take ladders and yard equipment such as rakes or leaf blowers. If you store these items in your garage, hanging them up takes up less space and clears the floor of clutter. You can also hang bikes and other items.  

Add Storage Options

A disorganized garage can also benefit from storage options. Having storage areas in the garage allows you to make a home for your belongings. An example of this would be hardwood plywood garage storage. The material can easily be used to create cabinetry and shelving that can be used how you need it.

Imagine having all your tools and other miscellaneous items tucked away in drawers or cabinets. You walk into your garage and everything is in its place. Nothing is showing and there are no signs of clutter! Sounds amazing right? By adding this type of storage, you can create areas for items like measuring wheels and other construction measuring tools and anything else you may have in your garage that needs a place to call home.


A big part of organizing a garage is to declutter the space. You must go through each item in your garage and figure out what you use and what you don’t use. Items you forgot about or don’t use frequently can probably be donated. This allows you to free up space and not have your garage filled to the brim with items. Make piles for items you want to keep, donate and throw away. Really think about each item. If you can do without it, get rid of it so that you can have fewer items to organize.

Refresh Your Concrete

Concrete is prone to water damage over time. If you find any cracks or unwanted crevices in your garage's concrete, then it's time to learn how to remove concrete sealer from garage floor and reapply a fresh, nonporous coat. If oil and car drip have damaged garage concrete, then special degreasing chemicals or power washing is an easy step to take for a fresh, clean, and organized garage.


Follow these tips and you will have a decluttered and organized garage in no time!


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    KennMacMoragh6 months ago

    The Gladiator garage products are pretty cool. I usually recommend the Gearwall panels and install them for people.

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