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April 28, 2012
Melbourne Beach,Florida
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As a lot of you know, one of our longtime, well respected members  Willie T, had a stroke and will be recovering in the hospital for at least month and doing rehabilitation for even longer. So, as requested by many, we are going to set up a couple of way's for anyone that want's to donate, can. Donate whatever you can afford ,whether it's $10 or $500 it doesn't matter. Every little bit can help relieve any financial pressure that bills can cause.
This is the latest message from Bill's wife:
[QUOTE]re: Bill's progress. The last couple of weeks have been extremely busy with juggling hospital, job, confused pooch, etc.

Finally got a diagnosis...sub arachnoid hemorrhage (SAH) on the right side of the cerebellum. Cause is unknown at this point. In a couple of months, Bill will have an MRI. By that time, the pooled blood from the bleed in his brain will have been absorbed by the body and they can take a look to see how things are in his punkin' head. The dizziness and extreme headaches are subsiding as that pooled blood gradually dissipates.

Over the weekend he was transferred from the neuro ICU to rehab, so that is very encouraging. The cerebellum's function is balance, so that will be a major factor of his physical therapy. He will also have speech therapy and occupational therapy. I can understand him fine...just sounds like he has had few belts! They are working with him several hours daily. The Dr. said they approve the therapy on a weekly basis and decide about extending the time. Usually patients are there around 4 weeks, then continue therapy at home or out patient.

There probably won't be much to report for a while. I haven't been on the forum since my first post, and will save all of your encouraging replies for him to read personally when he comes home. Again, many, many thanks from both of us for all of your prayers and well wishes.[/QUOTE]

Donate to--> Willie-T's PayPal Fund

If you wish to donate by check, Private message me Sir Mixalot and I will Pm you the address that you can send your donation check to. :thumbsup:

Note: If you have more then 250 post's, you can go to the P&R section and see all of the donation info there.

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  • Thumb_ct_hhat
    Nathanover 7 years ago

    Thanks for posting this

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